The problem of modern society is that we have stopped preparing our food and instead consume ready-to-eat, packaged food that is convenient but doesn’t provide us with the nutrients we need. Healthy eating doesn’t mean you need to start having just salads all day long, it’s a balanced way of life and you can still have foods like pizza and sweet treats, just not the ones you see in the store!
You can be vegetarian, vegan or paleo, it doesn’t matter what food concept you believe in, you can still have a healthy food lifestyle even if you are not following a particular dietary practice all the time.
If you need a little bit of motivation or simply want to watch something very powerful about what processed food is doing to you, here is a link to a free 20 minute preview of the film Hungry For a Change that is really going to make you think about all of this. Green Kitchen Stories – A sweet couple from Sweden that have the most beautiful food pictures and recipes ever! Here is a great book that reveals what happens behind the scenes of the big Food companies and how they use Salt, Sugar and Fat to addict people to their products and make them lifetime consumers. As long as you have some muscle mass, eitang healthily will allow your body to naturally (yet more slowly) burn off excess fat.
In some cases, people might not be able to lose weight due to unhealthy gut flora or hormones but for this you need to speak to a nutritionist.
January 26, 2015 by Andrea Warren 10 Comments Chances are you have overindulged the last couple of months. March 19, 2014 by Pamela Bruesehoff 2 Comments The web is full of diet tips, some healthy and sensible, and others just downright crazy.
March 17, 2014 by Pamela Bruesehoff Leave a Comment Sometimes healthy living can be a challenge.
March 7, 2014 by Pamela Bruesehoff Leave a Comment Day 5 of the Shirtless Summer workout series is here! Filed Under: Move, Workouts Tagged With: abs, bodybuilding, core, healthy living, home workout, stay healthy, summer, weight loss, workoutHi! Burgers, different flavored chips, cakes …It all sounds so delicious,until you mention the term “health food” and you immediately lose appetite.
You should make some small changes in your eating habits and you will be very close to what nutritionists advise.
Learn how eating healthy can be simple, easy and practical and delicious food will improve your health and maintain your vitality, shape and energy at the same time. Healthy eating means providing your body with natural whole foods that are high in nutrition and avoid highly processed foods that are low in nutritional and energy value. There is no term for this, it simply means having a lifestyle that avoids processed food as much as possible which will lead to healthy eating.

Stop buying ready meals and start buying ingredients instead. THE REAL FOOD GUIDE, which is a free section with a few pages of this website, explores all of the different categories of foods in our supermarket and how to embrace the real food diet following 4 simple rules that anyone can implement in their lifestyle. Have a look at the delicious healthy and easy recipes on the RECIPES section that will make you forget about processed food. It will be great if you can get your hands on the full version but this preview is still quite good, watch it here. I have been eating balanced, heathy whole foods for the last month or so, I started off losing weight in the first week or two but since then haven’t lost a pound! Not only have you managed to gain a few extra pounds, but your body is likely responding to the extra calories in a not so positive way. I thought we would play a little game of guess which diet tips are from an anorexia diet site (pro-ana) versus a mainstream diet site. Making it a part of your everyday routine can help, and making sure that you start each day the right way can help you stay on track with your healthy life. Today’s workout will help you get your abs in shape so you can take that shirt off this summer. You think all those healthy foods are tasteless … So switching to healthy food looks like mission impossible, something that requires too much effort and it is not something you could do.
At the beginning, you have to avoid the stereotypical point of view that only fat-free and calorie-free food is healthy. The best solution is to make some fruit and vegetable juices and you can also try “Home-made” ice tea.
Usually we just have time to get ready for work, so there is no time for any healthy breakfast, but it is recommended from time to time to boil an egg, make oatmeal or omelet. Meet your local butcher and ask where they get the meat from-quite important information if you are willing to eat quality and healthy food.
That product contains high percentage of fructose, an inexpensive sugar fee (glucose and fructose) and eventhough it has the same taste, it is difficult digested in the body and, of course, it is detrimental for our body.
Emulsifiers are used to regulate acids or pH and to maintain the shelf life of the canned food…Studies have shown that they are contained in canned food and can be very harmful. Your goal shouldn’t be to lose weight, your goal should be to embrace a healthier lifestyle and with time the weight will be lost seamlessly for life. We are a specie that needs basic fresh food but unfortunately our supermarkets are full of packaged foods that don’t provide as with any of that so we are in an era where people are constantly overfed and yet starving for nutrition. In order to have a clean diet, free from highly processed ingredients, you will need to start preparing the food yourself.

It’s so frustrating as I am always doing exercise of some sort even if it’s just walking the dogs for an hour! Microwave changes  molecular composition of food, so unless you want to heat up frozen food, which in no case contains any nutrients left, do not use your microwave.
In this way you will avoid refined and artificial sugar and synthetic vitamins and minerals.
You can also prepare warm toast with jam and glass of milk.  Of course if you are willing to practise healthy diet, you know that you should forget bakery products and fast food. But you should not take neither butter in excessive amounts, because cows are given a lot of hormones and antibiotics. There is no perfect proportion of carbohydrates and proteins that you need to eat, the different nationalities and tribes all over the world have proven that you can have a high-carb, meat-free diet or a high-protein diet that mainly consists of meat and still be healthier than the western population of the world. When it comes to milk and yogurt, do not buy low-fat products (except if you are not practicing any weigh loss diet). This requires time and it will require you to educate yourself and understand some basic concepts of real food and forget about the mainstream health advices that you hear on TV commercials.
The one thing they have in common is the lack of processed food in their diet, just local natural food that doesn’t come in a fancy box. Our body needs milk and yogurt fat  for proper  digestion and sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals.
The work on yourself should start from the insight out, what you eat will determine how you look and feel. Combine this with high-protein foods (which will help you maintain your muscles and more muscles mean more calories burnt naturally). It’s hard not to crave foods like bread especially when you get really hungry so meal prep is very important. Eat small portions 4-5 times a day so that you don’t get to that really hungry state when you just want to eat a lot of carbs in order to get quick appetite satisfaction.

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