Tea’s diuretic effect is helpful especially in people with an altered lymphatic function, who tend to retain fluids and suffer from swollen and painful legs, puffy eyes or bloating and puffiness in the waist area. A beverage which acts as a diuretic makes you urinate more often, and this means that your kidneys are a bit more active than usually and work more efficiently in removing waste products and toxins from the body, through urine. However, when your body flushes out more fluids than usually, there’s a risk of dehydration, and this shouldn’t be neglected. Diuretics are not dangerous when used with caution, but they can be if used by people with hypotension.
On the other hand, these beverages can caused dehydration, have a cooling effect, and can alter the body’s electrolyte balance. Probably the most renowned diuretic tea is green tea, which supports the removal of excess fluids from the body, helping in weight management, in regulating the blood pressure and in cleansing the tissues from toxins.
Black tea, at its turn, can also act as a diuretic, as it contains 42 to 72 mg of caffeine per cup.
However, it’s worth mentioning that the diuretic effect doesn’t necessarily involve dehydration. This is equivalent to more than 4-5 cups of coffee per day, and over 10 cups of tea per day. Moving to herbal teas: dandelion tea is often recommended as a natural diuretic and detox agent, as it helps in the removal of toxins, and is known to be efficient in treating urinary tract infections and cystitis. As a side note, foods that contain high amounts of magnesium and potassium can also act as natural diuretics, so if you’re struggling with excessive water retention you can either add some diuretic teas to your menu or incorporate more of these foods in your diet.
If you can find the right village hall, then they really do make for the most wonderful wedding venues, while being super-kind on your wallet. We celebrated our wedding on 31st August 2013, with a ceremony at St Swithens church near Winchester, and our reception at Littleton Millennium Memorial Hall. I wanted to look amazing for my wedding day, so after having my son, and starting to plan my wedding in August, I decided I needed to lose my baby weight.
When it came to our wedding music, Jim spent hours choosing songs that meant something to us.
Our wedding photographer was Paul Cutcliffe of Final Cut Services. I used to work with Paul, so know him very well, so this was an easy decision to make! We made sure guests were well fed and watered all day with champagne and beer on arrival, canapes and a gorgeous four-course sit down meal created by our caterers Aundi Mason. Because we have our own place and a young son, we always knew our wedding couldn't cost a fortune.

We didn't go for centrepieces - instead we had had lots of different sized jam jars filled with different flowers {ivory, pale pink and peach roses, and babies breath}. Updated daily & brimming with wedding ideas and inspiration, Before the Big Day is the best wedding blog for couples looking to make their big day stand out from the crowd.
Diuretic beverages also help in lowering the blood pressure, so they’re helpful for people with hypertension, and they’re great for relieving puffiness and swelling of tissues. They’re efficient and recommended for those with edema, high cholesterol levels, with a weak immunity or under-active kidneys, as they stimulate the removal of toxins and cleanse the body from debris.
A beverage that caused dehydration will make you feel thirsty after drinking more cups, and this can lead to fatigue and low energy levels as a side effect.
Responsible for the diuretic effect of green tea is its caffeine content, this beverage providing an average of 26 grams of caffeine per 6-oz.
Although rarely referred to as diuretics, white tea and oolong tea can have this effect, as they contain caffeine just like black and green tea. Drinking 1 cup of tea won’t automatically make you thirsty or cause your body to eliminate excessive amounts of water.
Unless you exceed this amount, tea won’t cause you dehydration, but will support your kidneys in eliminating the unnecessary fluids from your body and will relieve the swelling and puffiness of tissues.
John’s wort, red clover and cornsilk tea, turmeric tea and gongfu tea are also natural diuretics. Lucky Gemma and James found Littleton Millennium Memorial Hall in their local area, and fell in love with its natural light, wooden floors, and the amazing cricket field out the back.
Only problem was I had two and a half stone to lose, before I could even think about trying on wedding dresses!
I had to accommodate one of my bridesmaids being seven months pregnant, and I thought a maxi-dress would suit them all perfectly. I tried on about twenty dresses and I knew 'Petra' was the one, even though it was way out of my price range. We went for a drive on our own in the MG after our marriage ceremony, and I felt like we were in an old fashioned movie! So when looking for a venue, we were determined we could make it our perfect day without breaking our bank balance. The decor was very natural and light, with wooden floors and cream walls, lots of glass, and a gorgeous field out back. My closest friends and bridesmaids decorated the hall with Jim the night before the wedding, so although I had planned and designed it - I had no idea how it would look on the day!

In the end, we went for a four-tier cake {including fruit, lemon, chocolate brownie and ginger flavoured cakes}, with ivory icing, and burlap wrapped round each tier, with ivory roses on top.
Mission impossible, apparently, but then I thought some lymphatic drainage massage and diuretic tea might help.
Studies have shown that in order for tea or other beverage to increase the urine output so as to cause dehydration, it’s necessary for one to consume 300 mg of caffeine or more.
Juniper berries tea and ginger tea are also known to support the kidneys in flushing out the water excess, so they can be a good solution if you’re looking for a more exotic diuretic. It was crying out for their natural, shabby-chic wedding decorations - most of which they DIY'd using burlap and tissue paper - including my favourite - pastel pompoms!
I decided to go for a vintage look for my makeup, and had dark nails and lips on the day to add a bit of colour. I am now a fully accredited Independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant based in Winchester. I cried the whole way until I got to Jim, and he calmed me down and told me to enjoy it as it was our day.
It was lovely to be able to be alone and talk about the service, and we had some lovely photos taken in Winchester town. I wanted to try and make as many of the decorations as possible myself, and we decided that the venue didn't need to be anything extravagant.
I instantly imagined our guests with a glass of champagne eating canapes out in the sunshine. We went for festoon lighting in the main hall and outside, plus handmade tissue paper pom poms to hang from the ceiling. It was the most amazing surprise, and I don't think I could have made it look better myself.
It’s water weight, meaning that it simply helps your body to flush out the excess fluid, so if you need a quick fix, this may be an option to consider. I love Gemma's gorgeous Sassi Holford gown from Brides of Winchester - she chose her wedding dress after losing two and a half stone on the Cambridge Weight Plan, and felt all the more glamorous for it. Enjoy all these gorgeous pictures by Gemma's friend, Paul Cutcliffe from Final Cut Services.

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