Discover the tricks that target fat loss just for women, how to eat for your body, & completely reinvent your shape. This question seems to be thrown around a lot in the health and weight loss industry these days. Whether you are wanting to lose weight for health reasons or to tone up because you don't feel happy and confident, there should never be a time limit on achieving that. We are surrounded by products that promise you a ‘6 pack’ or ‘toned booty’ in such a short amount of time.

We are surrounded by “models” and other influencers on social media who we not only look up to, but think that is the way we need to physically look. While some of these things may assist you, it’s almost always in the short-term and that leads me to ask the question “is this actually helping your weight loss efforts in the long run?” I want to talk about how ‘losing weight fast’ may not necessarily be the best thing for your health, but firstly and most importantly I want to challenge the idea that weight loss is a ‘fast’ thing to achieve.
Add the word “weight loss” into the mix and this suddenly seems like something that has to be achieved immediately, or else we may never reach that “ideal look”. I strongly believe that being healthy and confident isn’t just ONE look, it’s not one certain body type or a set of rules that you have to follow.

We are all unique individuals and that should be celebrated, you can use someone else as your motivation, but never focus on looking solely like them. Our bodies are all made differently and I want you girls to remember we are all special in our own right, as long as you love yourself - that is all that matters.

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