November 27, 2014 by PrioTime Leave a Comment Share on Facebook.Share on Twitter.Share on Google+Pin It! If you are one of the millions of adults desperate to lose weight, perhaps you should focus less on fad diets and more on reducing your existing stress levels. Part of this link involves the increased likelihood of consuming junk food and other snacks of low nutritional value during periods of stress but there are other factors. By reducing stress you can also take inches off your waistline and become a healthier and happier version of you.
For example, stress releases an excessive level of cortisol which increases the level of fatty tissue your body hangs onto while also enhancing the size of fat cells.
When this hormone is produced during periods of stress it increases your cravings for fat and sugar.

In other words, less stress equals less cortisol which means you have more chance of seeing your 6-pack! It is believed cortisol binds to the brain receptors control food intake and you are at more risk if you have a high Body Mass Index (BMI). An International Journal of Obesity study with 500 volunteers showed that people with the lowest stress levels were more likely to lose at least 10 pounds. One of the keys to avoiding cravings is to know your stress triggers and always be ready with a stock of low-calorie healthy foods when you think a stressful situation may be around the corner.
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