Even though Indian curries have a reputation for being high in calories, this is not always the case. Authentic Indian food is traditionally made from fresh produce with plenty of herbs and spices, which can in actuality aid your weight loss efforts. If you want to lose weight then going for an Indian takeaway or buying a ready meal from a supermarket is certainly not the right course of action. These curries are full of rich creams and butters that will add pounds not help you lose them. For instance 2 staple ingredients of many curry dishes are ginger and garlic, which are both high in vitamins and can be used to aid digestion. There have also been studies that have shown that chilli peppers can help burn fat by boosting your metabolic rate. For instance capsicum (which is also used in the popular fat burner Capsiplex) is found in red chilli peppers and has been shown to cause a process called thermogenesis to occur within our body. Other spices such as cinnamon can help to lower cholesterol levels and can help to increase your bodies sensitivity to insulin, which can help your body to burn fat.
Curries often contain fennel seeds that are high in vitamin C and contain high levels of dietary fibre and iron, which can keep both your metabolism and digestive system running smoothly. Finally, turmeric contains a powerful antioxidant that can help burn fats due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits.

It is not just the spices that offer the benefits, as many of the herbs found in the curry can help improve your health and aid your weight loss efforts too. For instance, both basil and oregano contain powerful antioxidants, while coriander can help to reduce your cholesterol levels, which will help prevent against heart attacks and strokes.
If you are thinking that all Indian food is bad for you then think again, if you make your own using healthy ingredients then there is no reason why it cannot be eaten alongside the rest a healthy diet. Curries and rice can keep you full for a long period of time and will release energy slowly so you can go about your daily business without having to snack between meals. Just remember when making your own to avoid using oils, ghee and butter as this will transform the curry from healthy to fattening. You should also use rapeseed oil as it is one of the healthiest of all saturated fats and up to 50% healthier than olive oil, while being high in vitamin E, which means that it is also a natural antioxidant.
How using a Weight Loss Supplement can help Weight LossIf you believe that a weight loss supplement is a .. Have it in the form of daliya, vermicelli, semolina, or brown rice and get maximum benefits of low calorie source of fibre.
Though we do not consider water as food but water is one of the best thing in losing weight. All calorie values are approximate and may vary considerably from one restaurant to the next, depending on the ingredients included.

Next »Indian cuisine is known for its spices that add a different flavour to the dish. Turmeric aids in digestion and weight loss.A  Curcumin, a phenol found in turmeric is helpful in keeping fatty tissue at a minimum. Cut down on about 500 calories a day from your diet if you can eat yogurt three a day for about 12 weeks. Food is the main reason why we gain weight, that’s the reason why we must choose the right food to eat, we should at least avoid those sweet and fatty foods.
Many dieters avoid typical Indian foods as the dishes are made with excessive oil or purified butter. However, most people dona??t know that these foods are also useful in helping you lose weight.
If you pick up right ingredients and choose a healthy cooking method, few Indian foods can help you lose weight and stay fit. Along with weight loss, moong dal also benefits the metabolism, immune system and protects against many fatal diseases.

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