Kareena Kapoor has metamorphized from a chubby, slightly plump debutante to the screen siren of today. To keep up her energy levels for her gruelling schedule as an actress, Kareena sips on Electral through the day and also takes Vitamin B12 supplements. Kareena started off with a less rigorous fitness routine and progressed to her current programme. This startling change from chubette to size zero happened over a period of 8 months and has been credited to a rigorous regimen of yoga and diet that Kareena followed under the supervision of her dietician Rujuta Diwekar and her yoga teacher, Payal Gidwani-Tiwari.

Her diet varies as per the activity level of her day and is made up of several small meals. If you are new to a fitness program, be consistent and progressively increase the duration and difficulty level. I as a female don't love d male actors so much or I could say I never find any of them so admirable as i find to kareena..
While her histrionic abilities have been proven time and again, she is an icon of beauty and style for the younger generation.

For example, substitute steamed aapams and idlis for rotis when in the south, momos in the north east and maize-jowar rotis in Central India.
She concentrates on a specific body part each day and does yogasanas to exercise that specific part.

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