Outside pressure makes women think they should try their best to be thin again shortly after pregnancy, even though the ideal period for losing the extra pounds is believed to be of 10 months. With pregnancy, other changes also occur in the body aside from weight gain, such as sagging breasts, stretch marks and cellulite, which become even more obvious once the child is born. 24 percent of those questioned worry about stretch marks and the means to get rid of them, 21 percent about loose skin, 14 percent about cellulite while only 7 percent about the perkiness of their breasts. Over 30 percent of women questioned want to get rid of the extra weight, the aforementioned e-zine writes. Their partners, though, do not share the same approach to weight gain, since 71 percent of the men questioned said they did not care if their partner gained weight while pregnant or not.
Women, on the other hand, are more insecure, with 67 percent of them fearing that the weight gain and the other pregnancy changes would make them less attractive to their loved one. In fact, women are in such a hurry to get their body back that 57 percent of those questioned said they would undergo some sort of cosmetic surgery to help them do that immediately after labor, while they were still in the hospital. Yoga is a perfect aerobic exercise which helps you in getting back in shape, if done effectively on regular basis.
In order to get back to the normal shape, you should ensure that you are consuming more green leafy vegetables, eggs, chicken and fruits rich in calcium, proteins and fibers. If losing weight is your first priority, you should consume at least 8- 10 glasses of water every day.
In addition to above mentioned points, foods with high level of nutrients should be preferred over oily and junk food. I am Google Certified Analytics & Adwords Professional, Digital Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur, e-Consultant.

The guys have also get in shape, some for a movie, others for their own personal choice, either way these male celebrities deserved a grand applause for their dedication, discipline and new found hottness!! 28-year-old Jonah hill has been that cool chubby guy we love so much, but after he starred next to Brad Pitt in Moneyball he decided he was not gong to be anymore, so he lost 40 pounds. Before 26-year-old Jack Orbourne was all into junk food, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, he weighted 231 pounds but when he decided to changed his life he began to go to bed early, exercise, quit drinking, smoking and most importantly quit doing drugs, the result was 70 pounds lighter and weighting 161. In just nine months and with the help of the 5-Factor Diet 30-year-old Seth Rogen loss 30 pounds, I am sure his lovely wife writer Lauren Miller was happy with the weight loss.
And the most dramatic weight loss is without a doubt Christian Balea€™s weight loss for the Machinist, we already mention some of these guys needed to loose that extra weight, but I am sure Christiana€™s weight loss is worth to mention, especially when he submitted his body to this extreme weight loss plan twice, he did it again for The Fighter. For the Machinist Bale subsisted only by eating an apple, water and one cup of coffee, loss over 63 pounds and went from 184 pounds to 121. Other Male celebrities that we should mention are 50 Cent, Jared Leto, Drew Carey, John Goodman, Charles Barkley, Peter Jackson.
Your body is next: NHS cuts are an assault on our human rights Why is Body Confidence Worthy of a Public Health Campaign? Weight loss: Celebrities like Victoria Beckham put pressure on new mothers to lose weight rapidly By DAVID DERBYSHIRE - The Daily Mail - 27th July 2007 Mothers who lose too much weight quickly after giving birth could be putting their next baby at risk, doctors have warned. Not only adults and youngsters, but also people who have crossed 50 years of age are concerned about maintaining their body. In the initial stage, you can perform the respective yoga postures under the guidance of a trained yoga instructor. It not only helps in reducing your body weight, but also helps in distressing you by calming up your senses.

It will make you feel fresh and will show positive results as soon as possible, if carried out properly. It not only detoxifies your entire body, but also makes others get attracted towards your glowing skin. I surely believe, staying fit makes you more effective and active in order to accomplish your goals in life.
His dedication also inspired his longtime girlfriend Jane Fallon to loose some weight too, between the two of them they loss over 40 pounds. The amazing benefit of yoga is that it not only proves to be beneficial in reducing weight, but also does miracles to your skin, hair and eyes etc. In order to fight against them, you should involve yourself in physical activities including skipping, jumping, running and cycling, etc. However, you should be conscious while consuming foods which result in increase in calories. In order to get it, you must possess documents related to birth certificate, identity card, driving license, etc.
All you need to do is to make some suitable changes in your lifestyle in order to make it healthy.

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