This recipe is here to really shine a light on the amazing work that KevinPa did with low carb baking. Yes, indeed it is long, but I posted it all 'cause it had recipes and links and it was chatty  and friendly. That is a pity as the products are actually very innovative and have some really wonderful uses. I recently discovered that by combining one of those flours half and half with my Splendid Low-Carb Bake Mix, a wonderful thing happens - that strange taste seems to diminish or disappear completely depending on how sensitive you are to the aftertaste (I tasted nothing bad at all). Together the two make a fascinating new low-carb bake mix, not too unlike using real flour.
She had a tweaked version of what apparently appeared on the Carbquik box and I followed it and substituted half the Carbquik with my Splendid Low-Carb Bake mix and half with Carbalose flour (probably could have used Carbquik but I didn't have any).
I also added 2 tsp of baking powder, because the Carbquik is like a biscuit mix with the shortening and baking powder included.

I really wish I could say that my bake mix stood head and shoulders over the combination of my bake mix and Carbalose flour, but alas I can't. Good news for Netrition and Tova if many people now go and purchase Carbalose flour to make this lovely bake mix and bad news too as it means using yet another specialty ingredient. To be honest it is worth buying a few specialty ingredients if one wants to be truly satisfied in the low-carb baking department.I, for one, will now be buying much more Carbalose flour. The reason I wasn't using it much, was not so much because of the aftertaste but more because of the high sodium content.
I don't like a lot of sodium in things as my DH has high blood pressure and I myself detest water weight gains.
Some people balk at the idea of ground almonds, thinking perhaps that is the most expensive part of the bake mix. Ground almonds can be replaced by any ground nuts of your choice.I made my Aunty Marie's Blueberry Muffins from Splendid Low-Carbing for Life, Vol 1.

First I made them with my bake mix and next I made them with half my bake mix and half Carbalose flour. The ones made from Carbalose rose a little higher (maybe because I used liners for them?) and were lighter in color and slightly less dense. I too never interacted with him but I have used some of his recipes I stayed up all night one night just looking over his recipes and looking up the ingredients.

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