I wanted to make sushi that my kids would be able to enjoy, so I decided on simple vegetarian maki sushi with avocado, cucumber and carrots. To make brown rice sushi, I simply add 2 tablespoons of water to whatever amount of water the package directions call for, then cook the rice 5 extra minutes on very low heat. Join for free and you'll gain instant access to our tracking and reporting tools, expert coaching tips, and a free trial to our personalized training and nutrition programs. A staple in Japanese culture for centuries, sushi has become popular in the United States and touted for its health benefits. Many items like the popular California roll are made using imitation crab meat, which has tons of sodium. As sushi becomes more and more mainstream, restaurants are starting to offer brown rice in place of white rice for the health-conscious patron.
Low in calories and loaded with nutrients (magnesium, folate, calcium, iodine, and vitamin K), seaweed is a filling and healthy appetizer option.
Rolls are often not viewed as a full meal even though they often have the same amount of calories as your favorite dishes. A straight-forward helping of raw fish (no rice or other toppings) is low in calories and gives your body a boost of heart-healthy omega-3s. Lay seaweed on a sushi mat lined with plastic wrap; with damp fingers, spread 1 cup of the Sushi Rice over each sheet to within 1 inch of the edge at one end. In a fine-mesh sieve wash rice under cold running water, rubbing grains together with your fingers. The most important part of Temakizushi, or hand rolls, is to make sure not to overstuff them with rice. Place a half sheet of nori horizontally on your mat and put some rice on the left side of the nori, but make sure to leave a border of nori all around. The SUSHI'S SECRETS DVD is a fun, easy and entertaining way for you to learn how to make delicious sushi at home. Mame Nori is the perfect solution for sushi lovers who may be allergic or have a distaste for regular seaweed nori.
The Sushi Poster features a beautiful spread of sushi fish and classic sushi rolls with Japanese names and English translations.

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I finally took the time this weekend to give it a try, and boy, am I excited – this has opened so many possibilities. It’s very tasty, and I love the way the avocado adds creaminess and lots of flavor while the cucumber and carrot add crunch.
This produces rice that is sticky enough to use as sushi rice, but still pleasant and somewhat fluffy.
Sushi is high in vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, iron, and antioxidants, and it can be loaded with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, known for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. A tablespoon is loaded with 920 mg of sodium (half of the daily recommended intake for adults). Order a single roll and a seaweed salad or edamame to keep your calorie count under control. Never before has an authentic Japanese Sushi chef and instructor revealed his 20 years of know-how like this. Acclaimed by home users and chefs alike, Sushi Magic is a complete sushi making system that really works. Its 10 cycles are designed for making everything from wheat bread to cinnamon rolls and can also be put to work for non-bread items like cakes, fruit jam, and homemade meatloaf. A welcome alternative to the cylinder-shaped bread maker pans, the nonstick baking pan here turns out traditionally shaped, 2-pound loaves. Once you purchase a bamboo sushi mat, and learn a few basics, sushi does not seem so intimidating anymore.

While carefully lifting the edge of the nori, roll the rice-topped seaweed away from you.) Press unfilled edge over top, brushing with water to seal, if necessary.
Mame Nori also comes in 6 beautiful colors, so that you can add an artistic touch to your sushi rolls. Each kit includes two sushi makers in one attractive gift box, free sushi lessons with techniques and secrets for making great sushi, and where to find and how to prepare sushi grade fish, seafood, and ingredients.
Of course, any sushi expert will easily see that I’m just a novice, and that my sushi is far from being perfect.
Some specialty rolls, appetizers, and other menu items are high in calories, fat and sodium. You can also wet the nori just a little bit to help it stick together at the bottom of the cone. You'll enjoy rolling your own sushi and you'll also be able to delight your family and friends. Wet your hands, then scoop up a quarter of the rice (a heaping ½ cup) with your hands. Place the log at one edge of the nori and begin spreading it, leaving a ¼-inch border at the farthest edge. Roll the bamboo mat up and away from you and over the filling, using your thumbs to roll and your fingers to hold the filling in place. After you roll once, gently press down on the roll, then continue rolling, sealing the roll with the ¼-inch flap of nori. Using a wet, sharp knife, cut the roll in half, using a slicing back-and-forth motion (to avoid compressing it and ruining its shape), then continue slicing each half to form 6-8 pieces.

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