Adding onto my post from yesterday, I thought you guys might enjoy seeing one of the fads for losing weight that is just huge here.
Think that it’s outrageous that she wouldn’t be able to find her size in Japan? Lately, some people are speaking out and challenging the norms, but it’s still an uphill battle, I think.
Back to the topic: Want to learn how to do all of this without lifting a finger (of your own)?

When your midsection feels really soft, then you know that you’re ready to start losing! I don’t know how much truth is in this, I am just reporting it for what it is: a really, really popular weight-loss fad in Japan!
I could theoretically tan myself a bit, dye my hair black, get implanted snaggleteeth, and wear dark brown contacts, but I’ll never able to become short enough to not attract attention here.
But that’s the way that Japan, a society obsessed with how one appears to others, works.

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