A photographer loses the inspiration that fueled her work—and finally finds what she was searching for all along. As we chat about her past and her work, Davis laughs easily, and before responding to a question, she wrinkles her forehead so you can practically see her thinking.
Subscribe to O, The Oprah Magazine for up to 72% OFF what others pay on the newsstand — that's like getting 19 FREE issues! Davis had always assumed she'd die young when she was obese and a heavy smoker, and on some level, she was okay with that. Hands down the best way to increase our alkalinity and detox our [beautiful] bodies is to consume a diet full of sunlight aka liquid chlorophyll. Chlorophyll contains a powerful blood builder that’s said to increase red blood cells, improve circulation, ease inflammation, oxygenate the body, and counteract harmful free radicals.
We stack the odds in our favor BIG time when we consume a diet high in chlorophyll, vitamins, enzymes and oxygen. If you’ve been juicing then you know the power and super energy this miracle liquid splashes into your life. It is my opinion, that losing weight is a relatively straightforward concept, but it is the lack of discipline that complicates the issue.
The principles listed below are nothing new and they surely do not require a comprehensive understanding of Quantum physics to grasp them.
Our bodies function most efficiently at the height of the day, when are at our most active.
When is the last time you pushed back from the table or lunch counter satisfied but not stuffed? As was stated earlier in this article, these principles have been around for decades and have been used successfully by many individuals. In this video I share how inviting PLEASURE into your life can help you on your weight loss journey.
In this video I share how setting different levels of success can be helpful when it comes to your exercise routine. In this video I share how it is better to eat five or six meals a day, rather than one, two or three big meals, like most people do. I just read an article by a, self proclaimed, overweight feminist who is considering losing weight to expand her dating options.
Reading her article got me thinking…Not too long ago, I posted a somewhat humorous Facebook post talking about how I noticed that after shedding over 40 pounds from my heaviest weight, I started to notice more “heads turning”.
Imagine my surprise when I started to notice that after losing a significant amount of weight, I was “turning heads” again, much like in my younger years. So I decided to put on my survey hat and began asking random men, in my circle of friends and relatives, what their preference was-cute and chubby or cute and “older”? So there you have it, ladies, before you write yourself off as “unattractive”, you may want to consider that it might just be that you need to say good-bye to some of those extra pounds that you have gained over the years. In this video I share how important it is to have a work-out partner or an accountability partner. In this video I share how you have to change your mindset and start to live a more active lifestyle. In this video I share how having a food diary or a food journal can help you make better choices about what you eat.
Sure… if I had followed the diet strictly I would already be 3 stone down but what I have achieved is no lesser feat. There is a feeling of shame when you slip up on a diet, especially one as strict as The Cambridge Diet.

So, while I think I have been terrible, really all I have done is eat a little more chicken, had a couple of drinks or had a pitta bread pizza (homemade slimming world recipe) instead of my protein rich meal (allowed on Step 2 of Cambridge). What I am trying to say here is please don’t feel ashamed if you slip up, just get back up! So, the observant among you will notice that my hot tub target was set for the end of October, which clearly I am not likely to make. Given my recent Malibu, antipasto nibbles and white beer related slip ups I am confident that all I need to do to make this target is re-focus and stay on plan for a good solid week or so. I have already started imagining my hot tub in our new flat and plan to have some decking and a canopy for privacy. I would love to hear from anyone else who has managed to lose weight and still have a life! Although this website was originally created to house a portfolio of her work during university, Jennifer now enjoys using the blog as a platform for writing about anything that inspires her, in the hope that she can motivate and inspire others.
She's beautiful, with bright blue eyes and the kind of straight blonde hair the rest of us have to fake. Maybe, she thought, if I turn the camera on myself, I might shake loose whatever is holding me back.
By eating (and drinking) a diet high in chlorophyll (raw fruits and veggies, especially leafy greens), we dine on liquid oxygen, the very substance we need to stay alive and thrive.
Green drinks and smoothies balance blood sugars, supply plant protein, and purge tons toxins from their hiding places. Start with gentle veggies like cucumbers, celery, sweet pea sprouts and build from there. Ideally, this is the time when you should have your heartiest meal, when we are burning the most calories. In this series of videos, I share tips that I hope will help you in your own weight loss journey.
You can give into your cravings by eating what you are craving but with healthier and lower calorie substitutions. Of course, this is a rather delicate topic and she even admits that, being a feminist, it may even seem hypocritical, on her part.
What was funny was that I actually thought that the reason I had stopped “turning heads”, was that I was no longer a twenty something college girl.
So, it turns out that our society is more forgiving of women aging than it is of them gaining weight- at least that is what my experience has taught me. Aging, even though it will probably be graceful, is not something that I or anyone can control. Speaking as someone who has shed a significant amount of weight, I can say that not only will you look better, more importantly, you’ll FEEL better!
This makes the weight-loss journey more fun and will make both you and your partner more likely to succeed. Having an active lifestyle is about incorporating as much activity in your daily life as possible.
I also share how important it is to educate yourself about the calorie content of your food as well as educating yourself about whether or not the food is healthy.
I kept being naughty and looking puffy so didn’t get the moment to capture the photo I needed! In fact, for anyone like me that has a lot to lose (6 stone +) – I would say that the secret to success is to learn how to balance living and losing at the same time. But there are people like me who have taken a wilder path to weight loss with planned nights off.

We are talking pints and pints of beer, big take outs and large Sunday roasts, followed by nibbling on naughty treats throughout the day. Ultimately maintaining your weight down the line will require healthy eating, regular exercise and bouncing back when you have a heavy night out or feast, whether that be at Christmas or for a romantic night out. The idea of coming home after a long day and taking a dip in my hot tub surrounded by the night sky and fairy lights is enough to make me pretty determined to make this target. Let’s show women and men like us that you can still get trim with a smile on your face. In her spare time, Jennifer is also an imaginative and thought provoking writer and music journalist, previously described by American rock band 'Gay for Johnny Depp' as a "sexy gig reviewing machine"!
In the first self-portrait she ever snapped, Davis sits on a bamboo mat on the sand, on spring break in Myrtle Beach, her one-piece bathing suit concealed by a green cover-up and black shorts; the friends around her are slender in their bikinis and swim trunks, and the uneasiness on her face is palpable. The Watch OWN app is free and available to you as part of your OWN subscription through a participating TV provider.
As the day progresses, our bodies naturally start to slow down, and as evening turns to nightfall, our body begins to shut down in terms of activity. In my opinion, this is a common mistake that is made when we consume our meals, mainly at lunch or dinner. After all, isn’t one of the basic “rules” of feminism that women should not be judged on the basis of their physical appearance? I thought that now that I was a wife, mother and most importantly, a married woman, well into my thirties, I had just moved into a different stage in my life where I no longer “turned heads”.
There have been women on the Cambridge Diet forum sharing their journey with a very similar story to tell – and they look fantastic! Normal life requires you to exist in social situations and battle the temptations around you, so learn now how to choose well and enjoy a treat without totally sabotaging your health and well-being.
Since she was a teenager, she has preferred to interact with the world from a distance, through the lens of a camera. Simply take a look at any of the latest fades in dieting, and you will discover that exercise, movement or activity is an essential component of those diets. I know some might argue that being overweight is a “condition” and while I’m sympathetic to that, I still maintain that for the majority of us, it is not a “condition”, but instead a matter of discipline and self control. During her high school years, she was constantly snapping photos of kids in the hallways and the cafeteria as a photographer for the yearbook. Well, by removing the fiber through the process of squeezing the pulp, we instantly lighten the load on our digestion. You wouldn’t believe some of the challenges I have faced as people have prodded, poked and returned again to try and push me over.
Nutrients pass directly into the bloodstream, and within minutes our bodies receive optimum fuel to feed our cells and help restore our immune systems.
Well at this hour, our bodies are fully shut down compared to 12 noon, so we are not working off any calories.
This doesn’t mean we don’t eat sprouted and certain cooked grains, salads, and other intestinal brooms—we do.

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