Stephanie Waring, the owner of juice Nashville is so incredibly kind (and pretty!) and I had to giggle when I picked up some of my juice and saw this!
If you live in Nashville, there is a place I love that offers a great 3 day cleanse which you can pick up at their storefront in the Gulch or they will deliver it right to your doorstep! Day one: Feeling some nausea on and off, feeling that I want to eat both out of hunger and out of habit.
Random side-note: Is it weird that sometimes when I drink fresh juice it feels like the nutrition from the juice is going straight to my cells and that they are immediately drinking it in and becoming healthier? Day two: Still feeling nauseous and also a little crabby for the first two-thirds of the day. Day three: feeling on top of the world – so much energy and not feeling hungry at all!

General notes: Juice cleansing is always hard the first day and a half, but I feel that the cleanse really helped kick a lot of my sugar and dairy cravings while giving my body a ton of top notch nutrition. This entry was posted in Food, Health and Beauty and tagged 3 day cleanse, gain energy, juice cleanse, juice Nashville, lose weight on April 17, 2013 by Brenna.
While this is a great appliance to have, if you are wanting to make multiple juices in a day, cleaning the thing gets pretty cumbersome. Juice Nashville to the rescue!  In lieu of the announcement of the Miss USA date, I thought this would be a great way to kick off the next two months of intensely healthy living. For work, I had to walk on a treadmill all day and never lost my energy until later that night. Store bought juice is pasteurized, meaning that it is heated to a high temperature in order to kill bacteria and in the process, pasteurization also kills the majority of beneficial elements the fruits and veggies in the juice have to offer.

In addition, unless you have some major dough to drop on an industrial top of the line juicer, the juice from most consumer juicers has to be consumed ASAP.
I would recommend this cleanse to anyone who feels a little foggy and is wanting more energy, anyone who wants to drop some lbs, and it is especially great to help jump-start a new healthy eating plan. Even the juice which is made of only kale, collard greens, lemon, and green apple is somehow gulp-worthy. I juice at home and can get down about anything (even if most people would think it was gross), but Juice Nashville has their recipes down to an art form.

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