They may look like cast iron doorstops, but kettlebells are meant for anything but lying around. With that in mind, we turned to Greatist expert Rob Sulaver, a trainer, coach, and the founder of Bandana Training, for a routine that will help you feel comfortable using a kettlebell—all while delivering a head-to-toe workout. Since the power exercises can be challenging for beginners, Sulaver suggests sticking to a lighter weight until you master the movements. Check out the GIFs below for a quick guide on how to execute these movements properly and safely. Kettlebell workouts are great for weight loss, burning calories, flexibility muscles tone and your cardiovascular fitness. Kettlebell  excersices will work your major muscle groups as well as specific muscles. Offering all the benefits of fat burning, strength building, muscle firming, all with  increased mobility and improved core strength.
The great advantage of Kettelbells is that they offer both cardio-vascular and anabolic training in the same session. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. May 27, 2012 By Dane Leave a Comment Utility is the name of the game when it comes to training with kettlebells. If you’re reading this article then your among the thousands of people who are interested in using kettlebell routines for burning fat. It clearly shows that properly designed kettlebell routines are not only far superior, but have the potential to DOUBLE the amount of calories you can burn during a workout. They are the ones that use ballistic kettlebell exercises such as the Swing or the Snatch in interval formats. In the interest of full disclosure, the kettlebell routine in the graph was done in a scientific study and used the kettlebell Snatch with an interval of 15 seconds work and 15 seconds rest.

Make sure you’ve practiced these kettlebell exercises and feel fully competent and comfortable performing them before embarking on these routines. The kinds of results you’ll see when you perform kettlebell routines like these and literally double your fat loss!
Master RKC Kettlebell Instructor My name is I'm Geoff Neupert and I've been helping people transform their bodies and lives for the last 17 years.
Case in point: Studies show that training with kettlebells yields pretty incredible improvements (up to 70 percent!) in aerobic capacity, balance, strength, and explosive power Kettlebell swing training improves maximal and explosive strength. You’ll perform a strength move (in which your movement is slow and controlled) and then a power move (in which your movement is explosive—without sacrificing proper form), taking little rest before moving on to the next pair of exercises. One of the reasons for this is great variety of works out Kettlebells offer due to the amazing intense workouts that kettlebells offer. In this presentation you can find a sample workout routine to enhance your cardiovascular system and burn fat.
After the lastmove, rest for between 90seconds and two minutesbefore starting again.Do five to six rounds. One of the most popular exercises taking foothold in the world of “KB” training is Turkish the Get-Up Squat.
You aren’t in the gym to see who is the coolest, wearing shades while knocking out 15 sets of dumbbell biceps curls with your friends.
The muscle groups that receive the most emphasis are the triceps, quads, hamstrings, calve, abdominals, and of course, the forearms from supporting the weight the entire time.
Start Turkish Get-Up Squats by lying on the floor on your back, with a kettlebell in your right hand. If you want bodybuilding motions, you should stick to the standard barbell and dumbbell work. User results may not be typical and may vary and the people featured have been remunerated.

Not everybody is competent enough with their kettlebell exercise form to use that protocol, so here are 5 less advanced ones to get you started.
I am a Master RKC Kettlebell Instructor and I want to show you how to transform your life with kettlebells! You'll know you're using the proper weight for each movement when you can complete each of the reps and rounds with good form, but feel like you can't perform additional reps once you've finished the workout.
A little bit awkward, but it hits your full body and delivers strength like most other exercises cannot.
You’re there to develop solid fundamental strength – and Turkish Get-Up Squats will deliver exactly that!
If you want to develop your body into a strong machine with solid core strength, capable to functioning in a variety of positions, then the Turkish Get-Up Squat is going to be an excellent choice.
Kettlebell workouts, and Turkish Get-Up Squats in particular, are very popular for the exact reason that they stimulate the entire body at the same time. Essentially you will be pivoting to the opposite side of your body, using your left arm to assist you in standing up – or driving to that lunge position. Before using any dietary supplement contact your doctor, especially if you have any medical condition or are taking any medication.
This information and these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration as they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Reverse the steps until you are back lying on the ground with the kettlebell still extended above your head.

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