You will pack a gallon zip lock back or a large mason Jar with all of the veggies for your salad and place into the fridge. Each of these salads will be topped with a 4 -5 oz serving of roasted chicken (you can weight it or make sure it is a bit bigger than a deck of cards. You will then top the salad with fresh squeezed lemon, salt, pepper, red wine vinager, and a table spoon of olive oil.
Sound health is of utmost importance, and for sound health one needs to have a balanced amount of all the nutrients - Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The other kind of fiber is the insoluble one, it doesn't dissolve in water, and is digested without much change in its form. Vegetables and fruits have rich water content, and they are also very high on the fiber content. Beans and lentils are also rich sources of dietary fiber, and you should, these beans and lentils should be included in your everyday low fat high fiber recipes.
Lots of other foods like, products made from oat bran, or whole grain cereals are also rich sources of fiber.

Try including these 'wonder' foods in your diet to experience a trouble free life and prevent future illness and health hazards.
The important benefits of insoluble fiber are, reduction in the risk of colorectal cancer, hemorrhoids, and constipation.
Having an adequate amount of fruits and raw vegetables, would surely add to your fiber intake and also help in weight. Also, owing to the fiber in the diet, there are lots of other products available in stores which are rich sources of fiber.
Fiber also helps you lose weight, by keeping you fuller for a long time and suppressing your hunger.
When dealing with these fibers, the important point to note is that, the calories from insoluble fiber foods are not counted, as they do not stay in the body for long time. Always kick start your day, with these rich fiber sources, and enjoy the benefits of a safe and sound life. Fiber chiefly improves the digestion process, apart from playing an important role in the prevention of heart diseases, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

There is a minor difference between these two kinds, but both are essential for digestion, and maintenance of sound health.
When the digestion process is on, soluble fiber dissolves in the water, and converts itself into a gel, it comparatively takes much time to digest, than the soluble fiber. The daily recommended intake of fiber for adults, older children and teenagers is around 20-35 grams.
But, as both of these fibers are essential for sound health, we have used both of these fibers in the list.
The daily intake of fiber is well below this value, and so the list of high fiber foods, which are low in fats, given in this article, will help you in a big way.

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