It is an authentic Andhra pickle made from sorrel leaves and tastes delicious with a plate of hot steamed rice and onion.
Masor Tenga is a mouth-watering sour fish curry made from freshwater river fish and tomatoes, kajinemu (elongated lemon) or thekera (dried mangosteen). This lip-smacking, crunchy dish from Bihar consists of Litti (wheat balls stuffed with Pitthi – roasted and spiced gram flour) and Chokha (char-grilled aubergines or mashed potatoes).
Dehrori is a delicious festive dessert from the state of Chhattisgarh, usually prepared on Diwali eve. Along with its dominant seafood cuisine, Goa is famous for this authentic and exquisite pudding dessert. It is a delicious savoury snack made from gram flour and yoghurt, tempered with sesame,  mustard seeds and flavoured with green chillies, sprinkled coconut and coriander.
This is a porridge (khichdi) made of coarsely crushed pearl millet and is eaten with pure ghee or sesame oil.
Madra is a traditional Pahadi gravy dish made from an unique combination of chick peas, yogurt, coconut, almonds and raisins. This is a multi-grain pancake made from roasted chana daal, urad daal, wheat, sorghum, millet, rice and mildly spiced with coriander seeds, cumin seeds, onion, fresh coriander etc. Chamthong or Kangshoi is a soupy stew of seasonal vegetables, coarsely chopped onions or spring onion, dried or fried fish pieces and water. Naga signature dry bamboo shoots with pork, a dish that you will love to the very core if you are a meat maniac. Awan Bangwi is an ethnic Tripuri cake made from guria rice, onion, ginger, cashew-nuts, raisins, ghee, pork pieces and lard and garnished with various herbs. Baingan ki lonje is a mouth-watering dish from Uttar Pradesh that consists of stuffed aubergines. It is a chocolaty coloured fudge, made by roasting evaporated milk cream with cane sugar and is coated with white sugar balls.
It is a traditional Bengali preparation of mild and soupy mustard prawn curry, filled inside a green coconut. To help you create your vegetarian meal plans, check out the International Vegetarian Union for many great recipes!

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Being a veggie family we have not only realised that shopping is a lot cheaper, but that we have also become MUCH more creative in the kitchen… and of course there is the added bonus that no animals have died for your meal ?? Loving the vegetarian meal plan!!!!! I need to agree that is one of my favorite things about a vegetarian diet – the creativity.
I really wish my daughter loved her veggies, but she has opted with my carnivorous husband. List of Indian snack foods, and check out List of Indian snack foods on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
Role of proteins as nutrient in the body is the most important, fundamental and indispensable. There is a common misconception among people that vegetarian people do not get adequate quality and quantity of proteins and hence these people need to take protein supplements. In fact, if properly and wisely mixed with each other, vegetarian diet can be a good source of quality proteins. Those proteins that can support life but can’t support growth have intermediate biological value. Here’s a list of some authentic, must have, local dishes indigenous to the various Indian states. Generally served with rice, be sure to try this out with some traditional Arunachali Apong (rice beer). An ethnic delicacy of the Coorgi cuisine, Pandi curry takes you to the hills of the Western Ghats. Cooked with dry bamboo shoots, loads of chillies and herbs, this dish tastes heavenly with boiled rice. The divine aroma of the tender coconut water and kernel gets infused in the prawns, giving them a fabulous flavour. If a recipe calls for tofu in the stir fry, but have a zucchini that needs to be used up – then go for it!

Remember, even if a vegetarian meal calls for expensive ingredients there is always a frugal alternative. I never realized how many ultra cool dishes that can be made with a little thought and a lot of color. This page was kept as a redirect to avoid breaking links, both internal and external, that may have been made to the old page name. Proteins are the fundamental building blocks for all tissues, muscles, blood, enzymes, bones, cartilage, and hormones.
You may find this dish in other parts of India, but the ones from Rajasthan are incomparable and divine. We eat leftover dinner items for lunches then alternate a hot and cold cereals for breakfast. They are absolutely indispensable, in the sense that, no other nutrient can do the functions done by proteins.
For example Cereals have lower proportions of some amino acids while pulses and legumes have higher proportions of these ones. Be sure your plate has lots of colors (green spinach, red bell pepper, purple eggplant) and you’ll be sure that you are getting your much needed nutrients. It is therefore absolutely necessary for each one of us to consume adequate quantity and quality of proteins. In short, these two groups of grains (cereals and pulses) have amino acid contents which are complimentary to each other. Therefore combination of food articles made from these two groups will result in a protein of better quality. If you happen to be a pure vegetarian, then you should note this fact and apply always in daily life.

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