Warranty: If not fully satisdied, send UPC bar code and unused portion for replacement to Petrapport Inc. Low fat Description:Beefeaters Sweet Potato Snack Strips for dogs are a digestible and long lasting all natural alternative to rawhides and other less healthy snacks. The world was changing daily as they created their own paths and sought to turn others onto new directions. Low in fat, calories and sodium, these 100 percent all natural snacks help maintain healthy eyes and skin and coat. Barbara, then 17, found her calling in real food and opened a small natural bakery in Northern California. Inspired by good health, family, and the kitchen table as the cornerstones of the good life, she used whole grains and oats just as nature intendeda€”keeping things simple and real.

The bakery exceeded her wildest dreams and grew from a storefront start-up to a thriving wholesale business. Since those first loaves more than 40 years ago, our product offerings have grown to include cereals, snack bars, cookies, and cheese puffs. We carry on Barbaraa€™s commitment to create simple, wholesome, and delicious products with the most honest ingredients.

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