By Sara AustinWith high rates of heart disease, smokers and fast-food joints, these cities landed at the bottom of our list of 100. Kneel with feet behind you in front of sturdy chair, arms straight and palms pressing into seat. If you've ever wanted a chiseled six-pack or a flat, defined set of abs, you HAVE to be focusing on the rectus abdominis.
To commemorate this glorious, Drake-infused occasion, we've whipped up the Ultimate Summer 2016 Playlist. Given the current state of crisis in the portable food arena, we asked a basic question: what’s THE most repulsive fast food item in the US? People actually eat single items with 5,820mg of sodium, 1,800 calories, 197g of sugar, and 158g of fat. In the pursuit of unadulterated obesity, we went all-in and analyzed 600+ items from 24 popular fast food restaurants. Using those scores, we isolated and ranked a (very dirty) collection of the 200 most fattening fast food items in circulation.
The landscape is so laughably vile that even the Big Mac looks like a golden gem of nutrition in comparison. The fact that any of this is legal—and that people actually scarf it down on a regular basis—is absolutely astonishing.
Just to *qualify* for the list, an item needed more than 600 calories (with two exceptions).
The chart above maps out all 24 restaurants on two dimensions: # of items that made the top 200 cut and their average item ranking. Quiznos is BY FAR the fattest restaurant in America—it racked up a whopping 25 items in the top 200, 24 in the top 100, and 18 in the top 50—followed by Sonic, Blimpie, Panera, McD’s, and Subway. Conversely, Starbucks, Pret, and Jamba Juice (unsurprisingly) had zero items that made the cut; and In-N-Out Burger and Chipotle only had 2.
With that laid out, here’s our all-access countdown of the 50 most fattening fast food items. Drive down the street of any town in America, and chances are you’ll run across multiple fast food restaurants. Acidifying, chemical-laden, and loaded with either HFCS or artificial sweeteners (diet varieties), avoid all sodas at all costs.
Made from conventional chicken laden with hormones and antibiotics, covered with gluten-containing breading and chemicals like MSG and salt, and fried in cheap, rancid oils, fried chicken is high in calories, fat, and other chemicals that can make you sick. Loaded with saturated fat, sugar, conventional dairy, and often chemicals for flavoring, milkshakes can leave you feeling sluggish and sick. Many people select this as a “healthy” alternative in fast food, but it is anything but that.
Cheese and white flour combined with nitrosamine-containing salty processed meats, pizza is toxic and unhealthy.
Tuna contains mercury, while other additions to the sandwich contain HFCS, dairy, salt, and gluten. The salad part is okay – it’s everything else, the dressing, cheese, and croutons that are a problem. The main concern with hamburger chili is the beef, which is very likely laden with hormones and antibiotics. Shrimp is like other fish, a dirty toxic dumping ground in the ocean for chemicals like PCBs and mercury.
These sweet bits of dough contain wheat (gluten), sugar, salt, and high-fructose corn syrup. Many people believe this is a very healthy option because it is low in fat and calories, but teriyaki chicken contains high levels of sugar, sodium, genetically-modified soy, MSG, and other unhealthy chemicals. These sandwiches have the same problems as fish and chips – mercury and other chemicals, HFCS, breading, and lots of fat. Beef, chemicals in seasonings, cheese, and fried GMO corn all contribute to how unhealthy this food is.
Eggs, lunch meat, and fat laden dressing make this “healthy” salad a really unhealthy choice loaded with fat, salt, sugar, and all of the bad stuff that comes in meat. Fast food meals are rife with all kind of unhealthy ingredients, including: High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) can be found in condiments (mayo, ketchup, mustard), soda, fries, desserts, salad dressings, and bread products. Conventional animal products such as beef, chicken, and eggs are laden with hormones and antibiotics. Conventional vegetables used in salads and hamburgers may be laden with pesticides or genetically modified. Cheap table salt is found in dangerously high levels in fast food, and is highly processed and can lead to an array of health problems and water retention. Hamburger meat contains the aforementioned hormones and antibiotics, but it is also very likely to contain E. In The Beauty Detox Solution, I outline a healthy, plant-based diet with plenty of foods for energy to stay vitalized. This sounds like common sense my problem is I wish I could have someone else cook for me since I have to cook for my kids and they like some healthy stuff.
Lately i’m eperimenting with chia seeds and while i’ve been a little withdrawn because of the texture when they are soaked the kids loved it!

I go into detail in the Beauty Detox Solution why the calcium in dairy products is inefficiently absorbed into the body. Ive been on the beauty detox plan for a few months now and only craved bad food for the first few weeks. Cravings are a natural part of the process of deeper detoxification, as old residues arise to the surface.
If you are trying to keep weight on, keep up with your healthy fats like soaked almonds, walnuts, avocados, coconuts, etc. I have bought your book and am wanting to start with the Glowing Green Smoothy but Kale is not readily available here. Source whatever local dark leafy greens you can find- collards are great, as is swiss chard, spinach, arugula, etc. I believe that Subway carries avocado now, so in a real bind you could get an avocado and veggie salad or sandwich from there!
Alexis, even simple steps, like keeping almonds and apples stocked at work, in your car etc.
For one of my clients’ one-year olds I make the chia pudding, blended with whole young coconut meat and water, and they love it so much.
I try to eat mostly plant based, no dairy and no grains but i’m not a raw foodie by any means nor am i a vegan. I love your blog btw, and eat many of your recipes and have your green smoothie every single morning. Even if someone eats some animal protein, they’d be better off saving occasions to get a better cut of meat somewhere else. In a previous post you suggested I have 1 green apple and stevia in the GGS, and forgo other fruit as I still believe I have candida. I’ve been doing the Glowing Green Smoothy at least 4 out of 7 days a week and I still get cravings for something sweet at night. Something special happens when you add bacon to an already good thing and cheeseburgers are no exception. Each individual monstrosity was then weighted and quantified based on 8 standard attributes—Calories, Fat, Sat. I had to manually insert it because it technically didn’t qualify for the top 200 (more on that in a second). In other terms — how much of the menu made it into the lowest possible stratosphere of food quality, and to what degree? Outside of shakes and frozen ice cream concoctions, quick-serve subs and sandwiches firmly take the title from burgers and fries as the most disgusting items on earth. In fact, there are around a shocking 160,000 fast food restaurants across the country, and the number grows daily. Fat, calories, and cholesterol are only part of the problem with bacon cheeseburgers, which also contain HFCS (in the buns and condiments), dairy, salt, hormones, and antibiotics. Many fast food places now offer alternatives to fries such as a side salad (no dressing!) .
Combined with the processed bread it comes on and possibly cheese throw in the mix, it truly is a toxic horror. Take those chemicals and dip them in flour and salt, and deep fry them and you have a very unhealthy meal, particularly if you dip them in HFCS-laden cocktail or tartar sauce. Cheesecake is particularly bad because it not only has sugar, salt, and chemicals, but also hormone-laden dairy.
They are created from “meat trimmings” which may include organs that have been mechanically separated into a paste, blended with salt and other chemicals, and shaped into a hot dog. First, they are made from mechanically separated conventional chicken (hormones, antibiotics)and then breaded with flour and salt (gluten), and contain copious amounts of corn bi-products. Obesity is on the rise in all sectors and age groups, with youth obesity being of significant concern. HFCS is a totally artificial sweetener that has been linked to obesity, liver scarring, and type 2 diabetes. Additionally, conventionally raised beef and chickens are usually higher in saturated fat than pasture- raised animals.
The lunches, often “catered” by fast food corporations and are high in sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, dairy, and empty carbs.
With some planning and preparation, you can avoid all of those fast food marketing messages and eat well when you’re on the road, as well. As an adult, it’s up to you to set the example for making wise choices in order to teach your kids to make wise choices for themselves.
Dark leafy greens (spinach, collard greens for wraps, etc.), seeds like sesame or sunflower seeds, figs, a wide variety of plant foods, etc. Hummus and veggie sandwiches, avocado sandwiches, black bean and brown rice burritos are a few choices- simple and filling. These are easy things you can keep around to eat, so you don’t have to make complex recipes all the time.
Even when visiting family, just try to begin your dinners and lunches with some kind of raw veggie or green salad. I know plant based diet is the best way to go but i have noticed many of your blogs put down animal products, it would be good to see some stuff that are better choices for those who are not plant based.

The animal products at fast food establishments are particularly low quality, so it is very hard for me to recommend anything there. I would have thought chocolate and ice cream would have been on the list too but perhaps are more classified as snacks rather than fast food?
I can’t buy organic green apples in OZ at the moment, so was wondering what the next best choice would be for now? I don’t love coconut flavored things and I did try cooking an egg in coconut oil a while ago, but all I could taste was the coconut – does the coconut taste penetrate all foods so much?
These bacon cheeseburgers, available at our favorite fast food restaurants, are the most craveable.
Fat, Trans Fat, Carbs, Sugar, Sodium, Fiber, & Protein—filtered through a model, and ultimately pegged with a composite Fatness Factor Score.
Ingredient quality and integrity always matter, but we chose to exclude them as criteria to keep things consistent and avoid biases.
Americans eat out an average of four to five times a week, and a significant portion of those meals come from fast food restaurant chains ranging from McDonald’s to Applebee’s. You can make several and keep them in your freezer so you can always defrost one and still have one in a bind. Instead, opt for a naked salad and add a squeeze of lemon and some tomato and mashed avocado for dressing. Dairy, hamburger, salt, and GMO corn are just a few of the health issues associated with this high fat, high calorie snack. Instead, have a heart veggie burrito with some rice and beans (hold the cheese) if you are hungry.
Ground beef is also often the bi-product remnants of the cow after all of the other cuts have been removed, ground up and colored to look fresher.
I strongly suggest parents protect their kids’ health by packing a healthful lunch rather than relying on school lunches, which are essentially fast food meals on a tray.
Carry chopped veggies or raw almonds with you, and make smoothies you keep in the freezer for when you’re on the run. Regular consumption of fast food is never a wise health choice and can even lead to addiction to this most unhealthy method of eating. I made very good experience with preparing papayas, oranges or almonds as a snackbox for school! I used to pull into mc Donald’s when I was starving but your amazing recommendation of chlorella tablets have managed to curb my hunger long enough for me to get to decent food!
I have a healthy family ( hubby and two baby boys) My youngest will soon be one and I will be weaning him from nursing.
If you're looking to find the best bacon burger, you've come to the right list.The best fast food bacon burgers come in all styles from those that focus right on bacon, like the Wendy's Baconator, to those that just do a great fully-loaded cheeseburger with bacon as one crucial part. Try to process the reality that 197 things actually exist on this earth that are worse for you than a Big Mac. Families choose these restaurants because they are fast, cheap, and convenient… but at what cost?
Rates of type 2 diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and heart disease have all risen as fast food has proliferated in America. Yep, it’s pretty much one of the most disgusting things I can personally think of that one can eat.
The times where you may be forced to eat in a fast food restaurant, make intelligent choices by sticking mostly to vegetables or plant-based menu items. With a wide array of available toppings, the Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger is a favorite of many as is the Carl's Jr.
A 2009 study printed in the journal Obesity examined the calorie count of the average fast food lunch.
Dairy in fast food meals comes in the form of milkshakes, ice cream, and cheese that are high in saturated fat. Avoiding fast food is important for your health, but it is equally important for another reason, as well.
By consistently making choices for your health, you are teaching your child to do the same, a skill that will help them become healthier adults. On average, the study found customers ate about 827 calories for a single meal, with chicken chains coming in at the highest count (931 calories) and sandwich chains such as subway having the lowest calorie counts (about 750).
Clearly, all of those calories are not great for your waistline, but regular readers know I always stress it’s not just about calories-  many of the ingredients used in fast food meals that cause the most concern. Most of what is written in this was very accurate about the various Junk Food Items, but I disagree on several of the solutions.
So when you're grabbing your favorite fast food burger and must have that bacon (sorry In-n-Out enthusiasts, no bacon there), where do you go? Western Bacon Cheeseburger 5 + 84 - 35 A&W Original Bacon Double Cheeseburger 6 + 80 - 40 Wendy's Bacon Deluxe 7 + 58 - 28 Carl's Jr.

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