Dude, have you ever watched the movie 200 Pound Beauty?My weight before high school was more than 150 Pound. I think the accurate data and literal diet is an omen of the failure of your weight-losing plan. Thank you very much for your professional suggestion!??I did a little calculation and you should be consuming 1973 calories per day. Many people want to lose weight by riding, that I think you may need to understand some energy knowledge, such as Kaluri and so on, when your body absorbs energy less than consumption, weight two word really plays effect. That is, if you didn't have any carbohydrate starchy food for dinner otherwise it would work the other way.

Yo-yo'ing was the first thing that came to mind when I read these posts.The question you have to ask yourself is whether you can continue this diet forever?
But in this one hour, you consume nearly 70 calories in the stool, that is to say you ride may be consumed nearly 430 card. Specifically, 1 calories of energy or heat could be 1 grams of water temperature rise of 1 degrees celsius. The swimming sounds good though, but again you might not be able to do that as much during winter.
Drinking yogurt already made me feel so guilty BTW, Spanky, don't you need to lose weight?

What things than cooked easier to digest, processed food (such as hamburgers) to be more difficult to digest than raw steak.
Factors of consumption real certainly with the body constitution and health level and so on. 50% protein - egg white, tofu, beans, etc, etc30% carbs - rice, bread, fruits, etc, etc20% fat - Fish oil if you take supplements.

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