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Bring two small snacks to work every day — a piece of fruit and a cup of low-fat dairy (cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.) are good choices. Walking won't just get you in better shape — it could cut down your chances of developing dementia as well.
Plus, some studies show that people who cannot walk a quarter-mile in five minutes have a higher mortality rate.

Diet sodas may increase the body's cravings for sugar-sweetened, high-calorie foods; diet drinks disrupt our ability to properly estimate the number of calories we're consuming, so we end up eating more than we ordinarily would. Drop that number down to four hours a night, and you're 67 percent more likely to put on pounds at an unhealthy rate.
Drinking water before and during a meal is a good way to slow yourself down — people who drink two glasses of water before each meal consume 40 fewer calories through the day, some studies show. The healthy choice is dark chocolate (70 percent cacao) and your daily quota is a small piece — about a quarter ounce.

Buy a pedometer; try to average 10,000 steps a day, seven days a week (but be sure to consult your physician before beginning a new exercise regimen).
Finally, drinking more than two diet sodas a day is associated with an increased risk for type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome, as well as stroke and heart disease, according to University of Miami researchers.

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