Vibrogym Studios can help you to lose weight, tone up and feel great with the revolutionary VibroGym. If you can’t make it to the gym, why not inquire about hiring one of our machines for use at home or at work.
A lady (who shall remain nameless) was strongly encouraged to exercise to stave off some medical issues. She then joined a Vibrogym Studio, booked timed sessions with a personal trainer and managed to keep to about half of them. Why Vibrogym?The Vibrogym is scientifically designed to work, but what makes it effective is the personal coaching that accompanies the training.

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Personal training sessions using the VibroGym offer fast results and are a great way to exercise if you are short on time.

She joined a gym with the best of intentions but had no motivation to go along, didn’t make use of it and eventually cancelled her membership. Shortly after this, her daughter announced she was getting married and that her father, ┬áthis ladies ex husband, would be attending with his new wife.

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