Looking for guaranteed ways to lose weight but still taking Two Giant Steps Backwards for Every Step Forward? You NEVER have to feel embarrassed about being overweight again or feel like a failure at everything you try!
Take the first step today towards the body and the lifestyle youa€™ve always dreamed of by entering your details in the box near the top of the page to get FREE instant access. The problem with this type of thinking is that they have not weighed up the whole situation. What some people do not understand is that life ALWAYS has up and downs and they spend their entire life trying to lose the weight they regain over and over again. When successful people feel themselves moving to the negative side of the graph, they only go down to -4 or -5. People who know how to manage their life cycle know, if they stop their good habits, sooner or later they will pay the consequences and they will start over. Learning how to manage your life cycles will help you to stay healthy, in shape and with a body weight you desire.

Sandro Torres is the founder and owner of Custom Body Fitness, a training studio in Carbondale, Colorado, that specializes in weight loss and body transformation. Sandro is certified by the American Council on Exercise as a personal trainer, life coach, and weight management specialist. He found positive ways to overcome this mental state, and he then understood that the only way to achieve happiness is by helping others. They get busy at work, going through a divorce, move to a new house, or perhaps injure themselves.
But when they are on the bottom of the cycle (marital problems, health issues, work stress, etc.), they drop it all! If they have a busy schedule, they cut their training perhaps twice a week and they run perhaps once a week.
They understand that is even harder to start over instead of just maintaining existing good habits.
What good will it do you if  you work hard to attain your best shapeever, if only later on you slip back to your worst shape because you don’t know how to manage your life cycle?

Determine what areas of your life are running smoothly and what need work and then focus on creating and maintaining reasonable and healthy habits of exercise and eating. Sandro is also the author of Lose Weight Permanently: Effective Body Transformation Through LIfestyle Changes. Recalling the life graph mentioned above, when people are on top of the cycle (9 to 10), happy, functional, they lose weight because there is little else that requires their immediate energy and attention.
If they get injured and can’t exercise, they still eat healthily even though they can’t exercise, compare to the “all or thing” who lets all the good habits go down the drain.
However, when they are on the bottom (-9 to -10), they regain the weight because they let other areas of their lives sap energy from their good habits; the cycle scale, for them, is going way up and way down.

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