In addition to waist training, Kim has credited rigorous workouts and the low carb ketogenic-style Atkins diet for her 56-pound weight loss just six months after giving birth to daughter North. Learn how to make your own green cleaning recipes for your home!Get my DIY beauty recipes for making your own lotions, salves, and even toothpaste!Create a chemical-free home by using simple and cheap ingredients! The Keto diet is somewhat similar to eating Paleo or Primal(with the inclusion of high quality dairy) and uses a high fat, moderate protein, and low carb guideline. After reading Kim’s book and educating myself more on nutritional ketosis, I am going to be adding it into my nutritional regime. Want to read more Book Love posts? Click here for all my favorite books I’ve been reading!
Ketones break down fatty acids, either from fat in your diet, or from your own body fat stores.

Kim gives you a suggestions of what to eat and what to avoid to help kick your body into nutritional ketosis. When she isn’t blogging, you can find her in the mountains of Western North Carolina, hanging out with her 2 children, her many farm animals, and her amazing husband.
After discovering that it wasn’t because of a lack of willpower, laziness, or anything else, she prescribed herself a low-carb ketogenic diet.
When you lower your carbohydrate intake enough your body starts breaking down fat for fuel! Do you suffer from metabolic issues (thyroid, adrenal fatigue, PCOS) or blood sugar issues?
I’ve been ok with that because I am comfortable with myself, however, I, clearly, have around 15-20 more lbs to lose.

Her passion is to help others live a healthier and more enjoyable life in simple living and finding joy all around us. When you are eating loads of carbs, your body uses glucose to burn fuel and doesn’t tap into fat stores causing weight loss. Kicking yourself into ketosis requires diligence and a deep desire to see your health (and weight) improve.

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