Standing down at your sides with both hands, wrists up wielded, to about shoulder height, then slowly squat down; and then down the side of the wrist, the side stand up. Is now recognized that exercise is an effective means to lose weight, but this is a lot of obese people who are not in effective, or not satisfied. In addition to training issues, we look at whether exercise at the same time with the diet therapy?
Dragon Fruit Salad: 180 g dragon fruit, lemon salad dressing 25 grams, 50 grams of orange juice. Pitaya shrimp: Shrimp 100 grams, 200 grams of dragon fruit, star fruit, parsley, salt amount. Pitaya glutinous rice cake: 1 dragon fruit, ebony 8, cucumber pieces, 150 grams, 200 grams of glutinous rice cake, honey appropriate. Dragon fruit is rich in minerals, but also rich in anthocyanins and soluble dietary fiber, which has antioxidant anthocyanins, contained in the plant protein also has a heavy metal detoxification function, hectogram dragon fruit pulp contains 60 kcal of energy , slightly higher than the apple, vitamin C content is Apple's 3 times. The first: The first thing every morning is to open the dispenser cup of warm salt water (to drink cool in summer), salt water can be bowel.
Ratio of 100 ml of water is not more than 0.9 g salt, and salt water can protect the skin can make the skin changed for the better, according to the normal ratio of no side effects. Amount of salt water to drink, to supplement the water and electrolytes, in the summer can prevent heat stroke. Long sitting in the office, instead of a cup of coffee, it is better to drink green tea, and add some red dates in which. Bananas also constipation, weight loss also attaches great importance to bowel, bowel movement, but a lot of weight loss products such as: drinking will have to run big impression on the toilet.
You'll feel a glass of milk can make people feel full stomach, so drink milk to lose weight is a very considerate person's happiness weight loss.

In fact, that is hard to lose weight, and said it is difficult not difficult, the key is to find the method, and the above four things, is that many users had pro card, I believe there will be no problem!
Recommended for you today Xiaobian 8 simple exercise to lose weight, according to science, fat flew away, oh.
Some blame the sport to lose weight, "useless." In fact, the reasons for poor weight loss exercise is not so simple, there might a simple analysis.
In terms of weight loss, exercise and diet control as an effective means inseparable, indispensable. They all have antioxidant, anti-free radical, anti-aging effects, but also improve the prevention of degeneration of brain cells, inhibit the role of dementia. Meat from the dragon fruit, peeled, cut into small, poured into a container stand, the dragon fruit Drizzle orange juice around, and finally doused with lemon dressing and serve immediately.
Dragon fruit stand will be dug heart, shrimp add salt for a while, wok pour oil, add shrimp and stir-fry, into the dragon fruit, star fruit and stir fry salt can, then sprinkle with parsley.
The dragon fruit peeled and cut, ebony go nuclear, cucumber and sticky rice cake pieces into the dragon fruit container, honey can be. For girls, the dates may beauty beauty, so that his face looked flesh, and even weight loss. It is easy to buy, but certainly not able to drink milk to lose weight is light, there are methods.
During the weight loss due to metabolism, gastrointestinal motility enhancement often increased appetite, bring some difficulties to go on a diet. Meanwhile, the dragon fruit also contains vitamin C skin whitening and rich with weight loss, lower blood sugar, intestines, colon cancer prevention of water-soluble dietary fiber.
Efficacy: delicious and refreshing, lipid-lowering purge of epigastric fullness also have a good effect.

Efficacy: Shun Qi stomach, lose weight, lower blood sugar, blood pressure intestines, prevent colon cancer.
Because exercise can increase gastrointestinal motility, increased appetite, digestion and absorption increased. However, diet is the only way to lose weight, if not control diet, weight loss is often not satisfactory, or even weight gain. Added: Chinese red dates attributed to qi drug class, saying of sweet flat, with Run lung, cough, make up the five internal organs, the effectiveness of government wasting in gastrointestinal motility dysfunction, and weak digestion and absorption bad, very suitable for poor eat dates to improve gastrointestinal function and gain strength.
Appetite after exercise, a lot of people, just because and exercise, so that heat is not to accumulate it. So, come back to check the implementation of their diet plan, look for loopholes, it is necessary. If you suddenly stop working out, the appetite is not reduced, but chronic can reduce the heat like, so not only difficult to drop weight and may even rise. Therefore, weight loss exercise Guizaijianchi, and the process of adhering to cultivate an interest and develop their potential. Insisted on the need to ensure that two conditions: First, choose the right sport, and second, the daily amount of exercise to the right.
Inappropriate choice of sports, or excessive exercise, the body will fatigue prematurely and may even damage the joints, ligaments or bones, exercise is often forced to stop, how about "uphold" the word?

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