Often it is said that dieting rules are made to be broken because they are very hard to obey. The purpose of dieting rules is that of eliminating any shred of uncertainty during any weight loss diet. Usually when anybody starts a diet the changes seem harsh and drastic, and the rules seem too forbidding. You have to stop eating junk food: all junk food is made with the sole purpose of getting you hooked on it.
If until now your snacks were all made out of junk food rick in calories and fats like chips, you have to start making better choices.
Avoid constant snacking during the day: the more you eat the bigger is the chance of getting fat fast. Eat only healthy desserts or no dessert of all if possible: dessert is the most problematic part of any meal. All the above mentioned rules are intended as a check list of things to look for when you are trying to decide which diet to follow. It is a way of getting you mentally prepared for what is about to come and a way to evaluate if a diet is good for you or not. But once your body gets used to the new eating habits you will notice that you are feeling much better too. If you starve yourself you won’t succeed to finish the diet and get the results you want.
I recommend you start juicing to quench your thirst and stop hunger in its tracks at the same time.

Eat more sweet potatoes and avoid any aliment that contains huge quantities of carbs with no other nutrients that benefit your health.
It is true that snacking plays an important role in any diet but constant snacking is a sure way of breaking the rules of any diet. You can write them in the comments below or email them to me using the contact form from this website. Usually the more drastic and unhealthy a diet is the more willpower you will need to obey all its rules. That way you will be able to choose the perfect diet for you that is healthy and will help you lose weight quickly.
Rules make the diet clearer and easy to understand which in turn helps you apply it easily and obtain your dream figure quickly.
Instead of starving yourself and letting cravings take over your mind you should modify the recipes of your favorite foods making them more healthy.
Anxiety and constant pressure makes people turn to food as a quick way to feel just a little better.
If you have everything you need before hunger strikes you won’t be tempted to eat some unhealthy fast food.
Include in your menu whole grain biscuits and bread, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and low fat meat. Your body will get used to it and will stop holding on to each and every piece of food you eat because it doesn’t know when the next meal will come. If you allow your hunger to get out of control you will binge, stuffing your belly full of unhealthy foods half chewed.

A good dieting plan will always include ways to counter your cravings, making the weight loss experience pretty enjoyable sometimes. I used to have some feel good junk food for just in case and I must say that my body suffered a lot.
For example instead of frying some foods you can try roasting the, which is much more healthy. To avoid making bad eating decisions that you will regret later you have to plan your meals and have them ready just in time. To lose weight quickly and keep the weight lost off you will have to master the fine line between a meal and a snack and also avoid constant snacking. You can eat almonds, peanut butter in small quantities, dried fruits and of course fresh fruits.
A good healthy habit you should get is that of never feeling hungry or stuffed during the day. It might not work as good as the original diets but you will follow it and in time you will get the results you desire.
Get in the habit of eating healthy desserts and you will be amazed how quickly you will start losing weight. You will get in touch with your body and you will learn how to give it exactly what it needs.

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