Why even though you started running months ago your results in the scale keeps letting you down?
This means that even anorexics are quite often obese (though they may also be underweight),because their body-fat content is so high compared to their muscle mass,which is virtually non-existant.But why is it important to have a reasonably ratio of muscles to fat,and why would you want to build muscle? First,it’s simply more healthy to maintain your musculature by supporting your body with a good,balanced diet and a solid fitness program. Second,muscles use a lot of energy.Muscles are the engine of the body,and stored fat (and food) is their gasoline.

Fuel your muscles with protein to get them bigger,and they’ll continue to burn your fat for you every time you use them. And since muscle mass burns calories faster than anything else,by engaging in strength training with protein supplements such as shakes or bars you’ll be giving your body the extra boost it needs to get fit as quickly as possible.But what is the best way to approach this tactic of gaining muscle to lose weight? Instead of doing a few reps with lots of weight,instead do the opposite to create lean muscle:do lots of reps with only a little resistance weight. Some protein shakes and bars are more healthy than others,and each is designed for a slightly different body type and lifestyle.

Keep in mind that many are designed for weight gain at any cost,and your goal is to gain muscle to burn fat.But if you heed these warnings and follow the basic advice above,shakes and other protein supplements can indeed be a great part of your weight-loss diet.

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