The D4 Hypnosis Clinic vouchers for weight Loss, quitting smoking, stress reduction, overcoming phobias, boosting confidence and help with clinical mental health issues.
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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Stop smoking forever with this superb high quality hypnosis CD and MP3 download by the UK's best-selling self-help audio author Glenn Harrold. Glenn completely understands the smoking habit as he was a regular smoker for 15 years until he quit in 1987.
On both hypnosis tracks you will be safely guided into a very deep state of mental and physical relaxation and then given multiple post-hypnotic suggestions that you don't smoke, and that you remain a non smoker forever.
Lose weight the easy way with this superb, high quality weight loss hypnosis CD and MP3 download by Glenn Harrold, the UK's best-selling self-help audio author. Glenn's unique hypnotherapy recording will help you to programme your mind to accept that you eat small amounts of healthy food and genuinely LOVE exercising and being active. I have been a lot more active, motivated and for some reason a lot happier - maybe due to relaxation. Detective Anthony La Femina, New York City Police Dept 15 Years Joint Terrorism Taskforce, Surveillance Division. When I woke the next morning the first thing I normally do is have a cup of tea and a cigarette. When i went home i went to the garage to get petrol - usually i get a pack of 20 as well, but when the bloke behind the counter asked me if i wanted them, i told him i didnt smoke without even realising what i was saying! Our therapists offer deals on hypnotherapy, counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and psychology at our Ballsbridge clinic. He has created this unique hypnosis recording to help you programme your mind to break the smoking habit and become a non-smoker.

Glenn's utilises his skilled hypnotherapy techniques to help you break all past associations with smoking, which completely removes the struggle from stopping smoking. This production will help you to feel very motivated to exercise often and to remain a healthy eater forever, even after you have reached your target weight.
The awake tracks are for daytime use and will gently bring you back to full waking consciousness at the end. Glenn Harrold is a different story, his voice is lovely and I felt comfortable letting his words into my mind.
I snack on healthy things that I know are giving me some goodness, and I am motivated to go on walks. Having lost two and a half stone last year I found the weight slowly creeping back on; it was seemingly impossible to regain my previous motivation to maintain. Listening to the CD has given me the encouragement that I needed to change my life permanently. When it arrived i popped it onto my MP3 player, and fell asleep listening to it that night. Out of habit, i went to the smoking room during my break and again unsucessfully tried to smoke, but put it out after nearly choking!
For almost five decades, it's been seen as the sane alternative to the dump truck of more intense dieting programs that surround us. Hypnosis, a state of relaxation for heightened awareness induced by suggestion, is more effective than dieting and helps you give up cigarettes by altering your behaviour and mind’s attitude.
Quitting Smoking is easy with hypnotherapy, as this method is uniquely effective in programming the mind to overcome the addiction to cigarettes and nicotine, while remaining in control of your eating habits. You will also be given positive suggestions and affirmations to prevent you from putting on weight or substituting any other negative patterns of behaviour in place of the smoking habit.
The sleep tracks will guide you into a peaceful sleep at the end, making them ideal for night-time use.

After listening to this audio whenever I think the tiniest thought that I'd usually eat chocolate now, my mind automatically pictures myself in the dress I used to have extra room in but is now too tight.
This is all just automatic in my head now, without any struggle or feeling deprived and this audio has done that for me. But I have been using Glenn Harrold's CD for just two Weeks and have already lost 8lbs. Even when I got the CD the smoker in me was reluctant to listen to it but I downloaded it onto my iPod and stuck on the head phones when I went to bed and fell asleep listening to it. I hadn't really wanted to quit immediately, to be honest i didnt think it would work, so i just wanted to see what it was like. Unlike incredibly restrictive programs such as Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem, which include their own chemical-death meals in Lilliputian portions, or fad diets like paleo-Atkins-South Beach and the incomprehensible cleanse varietals, Weight Watchers is downright free-spirited. Our therapists are among the most qualified in Ireland with Masters Degrees from Trinity College in Applied Psychology, and we regularly feature on national TV talk shows.
I have been trying to get back to my goal weight of about 10st 8lbs since last August but nothing seemed to work.
Even at lunchtime when the demons told me to have a fag, I took out the packet I was carrying with me, just in case, calmly took out a cigarette, sniffed the whole length of it and put it back in the packet. The most socially-acceptable of all restricted eating plans, Weight Watchers shines bright as a beacon of hope in a greasy sea of Dexatrim and Shake Weights.

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