Forgetting the pressures of childbirth on your body or juggling the trials of new motherhood, weight-loss is a challenge at any time.
Keeping fit during pregnancy helps your body prepare for both the upcoming birth and being a new mum. We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. I split up from my partner, Keiralin was demanding a feed every two hours and I was recovering from a caesarean section. I also held her (safely, with palms towards me) to do bicep curls, arm lifts and shoulder presses, and did tricep dips on the coffee table.
We'd just got a mortgage, so I had to get back to work as a fashion stylist after six weeks. But it still only took about a month to get back to 64 kilograms, the weight I've been since I was 17. I'd always been so competent in everything and suddenly, trying to look after a tiny baby with everyone giving me conflicting advice, I developed terrible anxiety.

As a new mum, I could see that it could be more important than ever, so I tried to build yoga moves into my day. I also did pelvic floor exercises and mula bandhas (a mild isometric exercise), which is great for your posture and a much more effective way of strengthening your abdominals than doing hundreds of sit-ups. It's good for their bodies, but it's not just about the body, it's about being kind to yourself and self-acceptance.
I did a lot of walking and, combined with the stress of being a first-time mum, I'd lost the weight within the year. I tried going to the gym, but I couldn't get there when it was open and neither Luke nor I liked him being left in the creche.
I've put a TV in front of it, which means I'm consuming vast amounts of bad TV, but at least I'm using the machine and not hanging clothes on it, which is what everyone said would happen.
The only exercise I liked was surfing and I wasn't sure how it would fit in with being a mum.
I then got together with another surfing mum and we'd watch each other's babies while we surfed.

My mum died a few months before I fell pregnant, and I lost my job because I didn't feel able to return to work full time.
At the end of the day, you don't have to be a perfect mum with a perfect body."Extraordinary women deserve to be recognised for what they do, so we've launched the inaugural body+soul {extra}ordinary Woman of the Year Awards! For more information visit our Woman of the Year Awards Hub!
I needed time for myself and it was as though I had a slice of cake every time I went surfing.
With Lucas - and my subsequent children India and Leo - I put on between 12 and 15 kilograms, but was back to my normal size within weeks. At eight months, I still had stomach muscles because surfing builds such good core strength.

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