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Losing body fat is not just about getting a light register on the weighing scale or being able to wear your tight jeans and shirts. Read This Before Your Next IG Post: Is the “Curse” of Social Media Derailing Your Weight Loss Goals? Become a member and gain immediate, unlimited access to our always updated vault of Fat-Burning resources! You're about to meet the winner of the Holy Grail award in the last Burn the Fat body transformation challenge.
Join us for the next challenge and join us in the Inner Circle to stay motivated and connected to positive people all year round.
It's normal to want to tackle a six-pack and a 400-pound squat at the same time, but if you're at a zero-pack and a 225-pound squat, you've got a long way to go in both directions. I learned this the hard way when I set my sights on getting stronger and leaner at the same time to fulfill my weight class in competitive strongman competitions.
Fortunately, I learned from my missteps, and I'm now able to maintain a nutritional approach that allows me to hang with my insanely strong competition. Here's what you need to know about chipping away at the pounds on the scale and placing them on the bar!
There's no way around calorie balance; if you want to lose weight, you must be taking in fewer calories than you expend. To figure out the calories you need to place yourself into a slight deficit, first plug your information into the calculator below. After this period of time, evaluate the trend in weight change—did you gain, maintain, or lose weight? If you feel your strength start to slip, increase your calories a bit so that you're on the lower end of this range. For those seeking a purely physique-based goal, it's commonplace to determine protein and fat macros before "filling" the remaining calories with carbohydrates. When performance is the goal, I recommend prioritizing protein and carbohydrates (before tending to fat) to support hard training. Fat: Fat is essential for cell communication within the body, nutrient storage, and optimal hormonal health.
To fuel for consistent weight loss and strength gains, you must manipulate your nutrition strategically. To top off your fuel tank and support recovery, it's imperative that you consume ample carbohydrates around training.
Protein: Hitting your daily protein goal is important, but it's equally important to distribute protein intake across all meals throughout the day to hit a minimum amount every few hours. For most athletes, this means regularly consuming 25-35 grams of protein from quality sources. Carbohydrates: To top off your fuel tank and support recovery, it's imperative that you consume ample carbohydrates around training. I've found that placing most of my carbohydrates in the meals after my training has allowed me to continue performing well while leaning out. Fat: I recommend consuming the majority of your fat away from training, because fat slows down digestion, delaying delivery of protein and carbohydrates to your muscles. Adjusting intake to coincide with your training will ensure you consistently take steps toward leaning out, rather than fluctuating throughout the week. Think about it: By setting a blanket intake of 2,400 calories per day, you may very well be in a deficit on your harder training days, but potentially in a surplus on your light and off days.
There's no reason to tweak fat day to day to compensate for a change in your carbohydrates.
This is a simple system that allows you to eat adequate amounts of food while still chipping away progressively at your fat reserves. If you're fighting that stubborn body fat you'll find the Apples and Pears female body shape system to be one of the simplest methods of identifying your body shape. You'll see that the Apple vs Pear shape system is the most practical for an easier weight loss when you are more than 20 pounds overweight and don't exercise regularly.Ever wonder why - no matter how much you exercise - your thighs and buttocks hardly get smaller while your breasts become almost invisible?You'll be pleasantly surprised to find out that with the knowledge about Apples and Pears body shapes you can finally understand what you have to do to lose weight more easily from the bothersome areas. COPYRIGHT NOTICE: We reserve the right to pursue unauthorized users of written content and images copied from this website according to DMCA. By Oskar Faarkrog 132 Comments One of the biggest mistakes I did in my 4 years of training was bulking before I got lean. I have personally used the 10 tips posted here to lose 60 lbs of fat and gain a tremendous amount of muscle while staying lean. I used to do this whole 6 meals a day thing, getting protein every 2-3 hours, filling myself up on dry chicken breast and  protein shakes, but I made no progress.
Drinking your calories is a waste, since you have a limited amount of calories to consume during fat loss.
Furthermore, you want to reduce alcohol consumption since it’s diffcult to lose fat if you get drunk several times a week. Instead of buying useless junk like candy and pizza, you should stock up your kitchen with solid and satiating foods, such as red meat, eggs, rice, peanutbutter and rye bread. Solution: To make sure that you stock up on the right foods, always make a shopping list before you go to the grocery store and stick to it.
If you have trouble controlling your appetite and you tend to crave a lot of junkfood and candy, then you’re most likely not sleeping enough. To lose fat you need to be in a caloric deficit, but that doesn’t mean you should be in a deficit every single day of the week. Solution: The 1 or 2 days a week where you eat more is the perfect time to eat some of the unhealthy foods you miss.
When some of you think about fat loss, the first thing that comes to mind is spending hours on the treadmill every week. Solution: Do strength training since that will enable you to maintain and possibly build muscle mass.
If you spend most of your time around people that order pizza for dinner and snack on candy throughout the day, then chances are you will pick up on those bad habits yourself.
Solution: Spend less time with friends that eat junk and move out of your home as soon as possible if your family is making it difficult for you to eat right. Avoid using your mirror to evaluate progress during fat loss, it will just screw with your mind. Solution: Measure your waist, hips and weigh yourself once a week in the morning on an empty stomach to track your progress.
However, for beginners, I would recommend following a full diet plan including calories, macros and weigh meal for at least 3 months. How many calories, proteins, carbs and fats there are in all the foods that are most important for you.
Join thousands of skinny-fat men who have gained access to my FREE email series about the 2 Phases of a Skinny-Fat Transformation. I wake up quite late most days of the week so my first meal is brunch where I eat 4 slices of rye bread with peanutbutter and a lot of fruit (bananas, honey melon, smoothie).
I just buy the cheapest multivitamin they have at the pharmacy, I only take it because I don’t like to eat vegetables.
Love your blog, I started to lose weight back in April and had some pretty good progress, I was trying to lose some extra weight before a hip replacement surgery. I’m glad your surgery was succesful, that sounds like an unfortunate thing to have to go through. As for losing inches around your belly, it depends on how lean you already are, how large your deficit is and your genetics. Thanks Haris, I try to make them simple and actionable, without making them too superficial. I hadn’t measured bodyfat but when I started this journey I was 80kg and dropped to 73 in 1 year or so .
Cut down until you have visible 4-pack in good lighting (or around 10-12 % bodyfat), then do the short bulking and cutting cycles after your cut to gain muscle while staying lean.
Great site!, I’m having the skinny fat physic as long as I can remember, never been really fat but always light weighted and soft with a little bit of a belly. I would love to continue bulking because I’m finally making progress again after my newbie gains.

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Speak to a credible dermatological group in NY for your specific body needs and begin a healthier lifestyle now.
You read and hear tips from here in there and you can always choose which weight loss advice will suit you. Thank you Tom for giving the opportunity to write about my experience in the 98 day Burn the Fat challenge and thank you for choosing me as winner of the Holy Grail award for the best body recomposition. The Burn the Fat Challenge is a twice-a-year event sponsored by Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (BFFM) and hosted at the Burn the Fat Inner Circle.
Your membership at the Inner Circle gets you free enrollment in all our challenge events and remember, it's never too early or too late to get started. Find out how to do it right with tips from one of the top lightweight strongman athletes in the world!
What's worse, working toward both shred and strength at the same often results in either a significant loss of strength, or the scale not budging.
Yes, I dropped 20 pounds quickly, but I also watched my testosterone and energy drop to an all-time low. When all other variables such as your training, macro amounts, and nutrient timing are in place, you can absolutely gain strength while in a deficit.
This will provide you with an estimate of the number of calories you need to maintain your current weight. However, when performance is the goal, I recommend prioritizing protein and carbohydrates to support hard training.
I recommend first dropping carbohydrates from your pre-workout meal and any subsequent meal outside the immediate post-workout meal.
Keep fat to a minimum at both your pre- and post-workout meal to optimize performance and recovery. It allows me to slowly chip away at body fat by maintaining a daily slight caloric deficit while still supporting hard training.
To optimize this approach, keep protein and fat stable across the board, but manipulate carbohydrates. If you increased fat on lighter training days, you'd eliminate the caloric deficit that was created by reducing carbohydrates. Stick with it long enough, and you'll surprise yourself at what you're able to achieve—and how good you feel doing it.
We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist,your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. This system gives you the specific nutrition and workout routines that help you lose weight and get (or stay) healthy. This website is not designed to, and should not be construed to, provide medical advice to you or any other individual for diagnosing, treating or curing any disease and is not intended as a substitute for medical or professional care and treatment.
Please do not copy or unscrupulously reuse the content of this website for commercial purposes.
If you’re skinny-fat, the first thing on your to do list should be to lose fat, not bulk up to look like a teddybear.
You don’t have to implement ALL of the tips at the same time, but the more tips you use from this list, the faster your fat will melt off. Then one day I made the switch to 3 meals a day with no snacking between meals and as a result my fat loss took off.
I like to have one food that gives me fat and protein and one food that gives me carbs in every meal. If you’re used to drinking a lot of soda or sugary juice, you may see a reduction in body fat simply by eliminating those.
Get a good sweat through exercising daily and don’t forget to exercise your brain aswell by reading and learning. Not only is cardio boring but it will increase your appetite, which will make you eat more food and thereby ruin the purpose of burning the calories in the first place.
Also, your joints will get used to training, so once you get lean enough to bulk you will be ready to train hard.
If your mom bakes a cake every weekend and you have candy, chocolate and junkfood lying around the house then it’s going to be difficult to lose fat. You are just experiencing the transition phase from a high bodyfat percentage to a lean bodyfat percentage.
Weekly measurements don’t lie but looking at yourself in the mirror everyday is a recipe for disaster. If you follow the abovementioned tips you will be able to lose fat without starving yourself every single day, however you will still experience hunger some days of the week if you’re used to eating a lot. I used to get 200 g of protein per day at 200 lbs bodyweight during my first few years of training, but now I eat 100-120 g of protein per day and I’m still progressing and gaining muscle.
I put a lot of peanutbutter on my bread though and I eat +1 lb of meat for dinner and a lot of rice. It seems like you know what to do now and how to do it, so just stay consistent and you will reach your goal. I still haven’t started training or eating appropriately, but I am getting the plan laid out and preparing myself to start mentally within a week, max. I wish to lose weight but when I eat even slightly lesser than I am used to, I feel really hungry. Many overweight people spend much of their time and money to lose weight; following strenuous workout routines and strict but they all end up having the same size and shape. Some people suffer from complications due to improper weight loss routines like when they starve themselves or when the surgery failed. The 'original' 49-day challenge runs across the holidays and starts Every November before Thanksgiving and finishes in January as we bring in the new year.
On the other hand, cutting weight healthily and gaining strength both take time—and doing both simultaneously requires even more time. To support hard training and your body-composition goals, align your carbohydrate intake with your daily energy demands.
Play around with different ends of each range to find an ideal amount that fuels training and recovery, but also fits into your daily calorie allotment.
I have found that always consuming 0.75 grams of carbohydrates per pound of body weight at the post-workout meal helps me refuel for my next workout. But hitting these will help you provide the cellular machinery responsible for initiating muscle growth and recovery with the fuel it needs to execute multiple times per day. On lower-intensity days, knock carbohydrates down a notch to compensate for decreased energy expenditure. We provide the technology, tools, andproducts you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self.
You can reproduce limited parts of it for non-commercial use only, as long as you include an active link back to this site.
The reason why big meals worked better for me is that I could finally eat until I got full which removed the need to snack. Feel free to mix it up by using different sauces, spices or ways of cooking, but don’t change the foods. I used to sleep 6-7 hours a day, but now a days I get 8-10 hours of sleep and as a result I rarely crave junkfood and sugar. Instead of looking leaner, you will start looking like a smaller skinny-fat version of yourself. Hunger is normal when you are in a caloric deficit, and that’s the price you will have to pay to lose fat.
On days where I train very hard I add a 3rd meal either before going to bed or between the 2 other meals depending on when I’m hungry. A vitamin where you piss out most of the nutrients can’t really take the place of that.
I know fat loss occurs overall the body and spot reduction is not possible so if my previous question sounds dumb, i think a better question would be, how long did it take you to go from having a fat belly to the flat belly that you have currently?

It took me 18 months to go from my fattest (235 lbs) to my leanest (177 lbs), but it can be done much faster, and most of my fat was stored around the hips.
I don’t drink tea, coffee but I will definitely try out chewing gums, it did strike me as an idea some days ago but I had no idea that they would be so effective. But now the important thing is that we are finally having some helpful weight loss ideas from the one and only JLo. It helps to perform the same exercises again and again until your body learns to embrace the routine.
With discipline, JLo is able to stand apart as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.
This weight loss visual will help you achieve the size and weight you want safely and effectively.
I'll definitely manipulate my carb intake around training sessions and rest days, but I don't recommend cutting carbs to spur fat loss except when absolutely necessary.
By paying attention to how much you eat and when you eat throughout the day, you can do a lot to enhance body composition and performance.
An additional benefit of this tip is that you will eat slowly and this will result in eating less. To ensure that you don’t get any vitamin deficiencies, simply take a multivitamin in the morning.
When you are in a caloric deficit everyday, your body may make up for the deficit by producing less testosterone, and trust me, you don’t want that.
However, once you reach a certain bodyfat percentage you will start looking lean instead of skinny-fat, patience is key here. Strong lifts was just making me fat before and now that I have implemented MAINLY bodyweight training my physique is skyrocketing to where I’d like it to be.
Stressing about it is more likely to cause muscle loss than not eating exactly 2191 calories a day. Soon, you will end up loving it and will become more motivated to a more active and fitter lifestyle. Here are vivid signs that you have reached the limit and should start making a step on losing extra fat.
The infographic below will help you end your wondering on why you don’t  lose stomach fat no matter how hard you work it out. Just grease you pan with a tablespoon of olive oil, throw you vegetables in with some fresh pepper, red chilies or chili paste, crushed garlic, tbsp of soy sauce and flash fry for 3 minutes. Doing some physical activities can be more fun when you do it with friends, or even your dog.
You might have some “cheat days;”, but that will be fine as long as you take those bad foods in moderation, only to treat yourself once in a while. Dietary protein distribution positively influences 24-h muscle protein synthesis in healthy adults. Olesen40 year old male from Denmark with personal experience regarding weight loss, health and fitness issues.
I learned how to lose weight the healthy way and get a great physique without being fanatic about it. I kept the mindset that if I tried one technique and it didn't work, it wasn't a failure, it was just part of the experimentation process. The best thing I did was to measure my results every week (get feedback) and then simply alter my diet or training program slightly the following week, then check results again.My real motivation for the competition though, started when my wife expressed interest in joining as well. Hold the dumbbells at shoulder-height and stand with your feet about hip-width apart, knees and toes turned out slightly. It's not uncommon to see someone gain a pound or two of lean mass over a few months along with a large fat loss. My wife had a baby last year and still had a lot of unwanted baby fat around her belly that she was not happy with. Push your butt back as if you were going to sit down into a chair and bend your knees so you descend as low as possible and then push back up.
This however, is the quintessential body recomposition because Brett completely transformed his physique even though he weighed almost exactly the same in the after as he did in the before. It was great for both of us to be able to compete in the challenge together, especially since we would have 2 chances of winning a trip to Maui! We both started on day one eating the same foods and training together in our basement gym which we had never done before. The feeling of being able to train with a loving partner really made the difference for both of us in the challenge.
However, the main reason why dumbbell front squats are such an effective fat loss exercise is because of the number of muscles they work.
But after the first 3 weeks, after reading all the blogs in the Burn the Fat Inner Circle, I realized this was too high given my body weight, so I decided to reduce it down to 2058 and 1646 respectively. Because you target several muscle groups while performing compound moves like front squats, you're burning a large number of calories, which leads to fat loss greater fat loss, notes strength coach Rachel Cosgrove. At the half way mark (week 7), I realized that I still wasn't getting the results I wanted, so I reduced my calorie intake down again.
Due to the position of the dumbbells, they also give you a tough core workout at the same time, as your abs and lower-back have to work hard to stabilize your whole body.
I began my calorie cycling with a 3 days low intake and then a 1 day high calorie reefed day. Because the squats are also a cardiovascular activity, you have a real fat loss winner in this exercise.
This felt pretty good on the higher calorie days, as I didn't feel hungry at all, but when I dropped the daily calories down in the final 7 weeks of the competition I definitely felt the difference in hunger and energy levels.
After reading an article by Tom that suggested it could be possible to get better (body recomposition) results by having more high calorie days than just a 3:1 ratio, I changed to use one of these Zig Zag cycles. To get an increased calorie burn and extra fat loss benefits, include them as part of a metabolic circuit.
The article explained that depending on your current body composition, you may get better results by experimenting with different Zig Zag calorie cycles. Cosgrove recommends performing exercises for 40 to 60 seconds and alternating between upper-body and lower-body movements.
So along with the reduced calorie intake I believe that the change to this type of Zig Zag dieting made all the difference in my results.TrainingMy training consisted of 4 days of weight training and 3 days of cardio with 1 day of complete rest per week, which was normally a Sunday. A sample circuit could start with dumbbell front squats, which are followed by push-ups, then body weight lunges and lastly dumbbell rows. I structured my weight sessions around the TNB (The New Bodybuilding) program that Tom includes with the Holy Grail system.
I was doing 2 upper body and 2 lower body weight sessions per week with 7-8 exercises for each session.
No best repetition range for fat loss exists, but aim for three to four challenging sets of eight to 12 reps when not performing squats as part of a circuit.
Hold a barbell across the front of your shoulders with your elbows high and squat down as low as possible while maintaining a good back position, advises London-based strength coach Sally Moss.
Everyone here considers body recomposition to be the "Holy Grail" of fitness goals, so Tom asked me to touch on how I think I was able to achieve this. He graduated from Peter Symonds College in the UK with A Levels in law, business and sports science, and is a fully qualified personal trainer, sports massage therapist and corrective exercise specialist with accreditations from Premier Global International.
My primary goal, which I outlined at the start of the competition, was to lose body fat and get below 9%.
How to Work Out With Dumbbells Every Day More Kettlebell Exercises for Total Body Strength How to Use 3-Pound Hand Weights for Toning Importance of Strength Training for Women How to Lift Weights to Flatten the Stomach Ways to Strengthen Legs With Dumbbells Dumbbell Exercises for a Flat Stomach Trampoline Exercise Routines Related Articles 5-Pound Dumbbell Workout for Women 5x5 Strength Training With Dumbbells 6 Things to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle 8 Variations of the Push-Up Popular Articles 800-Meter Racing Tips 9 Essential Yoga Poses How to Abbreviate a Masters of Education Abdominal Exercise While Sitting More Articles You'll Love Elbow Strengthening With Dumbbells What Kettlebell Exercises Strengthen Your Chest? That started making a big difference around week 9 of the 14 week challenge, so I actually added the majority of the lean mass I gained in a short period of time near the end of the challenge (which also goes to show that you should always keep experimenting).

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