Don’t make the mistake that most of us make, consider yourself  “too mommy” to be physically fit. Taking care of a new baby is one of the most rewarding, but challenging, life-changing experiences that you will ever face. I hope this article about losing weight after giving birth was beneficial to you and would like for you to share what struggles you faced, in the comments below.
About the Author: Lacricia Sanders is a 27 years old young mom of Jaylynn (12), Leah (7) and Lilyanna (4). She is a budding entrepreneur with health, fitness and anything else that catches her fancy. If you’re a young mom who’s sick of people judging you, want to meet other girls like yourself and are ready to Kick Ass in life.. The Spotlight is on: Anyssa Marie Ruiz Breast Feeding vs Formula and Everything in Between! Between touring with fiance Kanye West and having a new born baby, losing weight should be hard, but Kim Kardashian is determined and it shows — she looks better than ever!

Kim Kardashian is on the cover of the December 23 issue of Us Weekly in a small, sexy, white string bikini, showing off her more than 50 pound weight loss since giving birth to baby North West in June. This may be hard to believe right now, because of your dirty hair, spit up stained lounge wear and no makeup, but you can be glamourous! I know it seems as though there is absolutely no time for you, but you will start losing waist inches with these tips for losing weight after giving birth. Take 15 minutes for yourself each day, preferably in the morning, to stretch and relax, yoga is a way to do just that. To find out more details how to make your goals a reality, follow this series and fill in your email address to get updated when new material is added.
When she isn’t enjoying time with her family, she can be found working out, shopping, singing or helping people with fitness.
These reasons could include: having more energy, being more calm, a good example for your children and getting the confidence you deserve.
Take baby for a walk, climb stairs, do 10-15 minute workouts at a time, because with your new baby that’s all you will have time for.

Just remember that weight loss doesn’t take tons of money or lots of skill, just commitment and it takes time. She loves to be with her family, help with local charity events, and enjoying social interaction.
Be sure to wait at least six weeks after delivery and talk to your doctor before beginning your workout regimen.
If you have the desire, I will show you why it’s not so hard losing weight after giving birth.
You may be having a hard time knowing who this person is that you are looking at in the mirror.

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