Cover with crushed tomatoes and spread evenly with pastry bush pushing into the gaps between the slices of eggplant. Sprinkle over oregano and fried onion breaking the onion with your fingers as much as you can to spread.
Pulse batches of cauliflower in food processor with onion until resembles rice-like texture.
Either cool and wrap as is (adding the topping at cooking time) or add your desired topping.
Tips: I have seen people make similar bases with raw cauliflower but I would imaging it would take much longer to cook and maybe risky. If you can afford more calories you can use strong tasting cheese in the mix instead of the yeast. Using large non-stick lamington tray lay mushrooms stem side up in one half and slices of eggplant in the other. Cut into small pieces or florets and steam Cauliflower and broccoli in microwave steamer for 6 minutes on high.
Note: this salad is meant to have an abundance of dripping dressing so you will see it spill out onto the plate. Low Calorie Cooking Tips Everyday, Low Cost, Low Calorie, Low Fat, Low Carb and Big Flavour Recipes! Nicoise salad (French pronunciation: [ni?swaz]), is a mixed salad consisting of various vegetables topped with tuna and anchovies.
The original version of the salad always included raw red peppers, shallots, and artichoke hearts, never potatoes. Rumours suggest the famous choreographer Balanchine may have influenced the creation of this dish during his tenure in Monte Carlo.
MY light and tasty version of a classic Salad Nicoise - this salad omits the anchovies and potatoes, which add to the calorie count in this rustic French salad.

Note MY light and tasty version of a classic Salad Nicoise - this salad omits the anchovies and potatoes, which add to the calorie count in this rustic French salad.
Scatter the oregano leaves over and then drizzle the salad cream style dressing over the whole salad.
Thanks Julie, will post tomorrow, it is a GREAT recipe and packed with LUSH ingredients to give it lots of flavour! Looks great, tasty and simple – any suggestions as to what would make a good substitution for the tomato, as eating them raw gives me tummy ache ?? haha, thanks! NO problem there Gemma, just add cucumber instead, or maybe a couple of tinned artichoke hearts. By all means use fresh garlic if you have it and diced onion can replace fried if you like.
Here I have added the topping before freezing; pasta sauce, ricotta and frozen diced onion. This is a speedy recipe for busy people but you can make your own cheese sauce and adjust the calories to suit. It seems to have passed by in a flash, once the warm weather arrived that is – prior to the sunny days we have been enjoying, summer was REALLY dragging! The French, especially in the Nice area, will clearly state no cooked vegetables are to be used.
The total calorie count for this large salad, made my way, is only 203 calories, or 200 calories sans oregano! I am planning on sharing lots more low calorie recipes over the nest few weeks, so keep tuned!
In my calorie counter site I use, it says that 300 ml of fully skimmed milk is 102 calories, but you’ve got it down as 52. If your blender cannot do this you can always blend the ingredients and cook in a saucepan.

Ripe tomato wedges, wedges of hard-boiled eggs, are topped with canned tuna (tinned in oil), and Nicoise Cailletier olives.
If you keep it light you should be able to make a nice pizza topping under 50 calories with no problem. My Roast Tomato & Garlic Soup Recipe (70 Calories) has been and absolute BOON to my diet, and we have also enjoyed it on NON fasting days with baguette and home-made bread.
This salad is EXCELLENT for anyone following the 5:2 diet for fast days, as well as those on Weight Watchers.
THANKS for pointing it out – I am STILL on track just wrote down wrong Imperial to Metric conversion! The soup has been all the more enjoyable as it is the season for tomatoes, and many a kilo of home-grown tomatoes have found themselves in my weekly batch of this tasty soup!
Another recipe that has been enjoyed several times is my Halloumi & Tomato Salad Platter, and with this in mind, I set out to develop a NEW salad recipe to share with you this week, and I am delighted to offer you my Salad Nicoise recipe, which is posted at the end of the meal plan, and it is an amazing 2013 calories only! With lots and lots of delicious ingredients, whilst retaining the core classics of a  Salad Nicoise, with the addition of green beans, olives, eggs and tuna fish. It’s time to share my meal plan for the week ahead now, and I hope that you find some recipe inspiration, whether you are dieting or not! With thanks as always to At Home with Mrs M, who is kind enough to host the Meal Planning Monday event, and see you later today with a SECRET RECIPE!

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