Less than 1g carbs per cookie is pretty amazing, because I can NEVER stop at 1! I love that this recipe is so easy to make, and yet so delicious to eat.
Want it by Wednesday, May 18th?Order this item in the next 1 days, 6 hours, 49 minutes, 2 seconds and select 2nd Day Air at Checkout. You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering where to buy Honeyville Blanched Almond Flour.
Shelf-Life: Stores 6 to 9 months in the sealed package under ideal storage conditions (cool, dry place).
Uses: Substitute Blanched Almond Flour in any recipe calling for flour to make healthy, gluten-free baked goods. Some great recipes include Lemon Blueberry Bread, Blanched Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies, Almond Flour Crusted Tilapia Nuggets, Cheesy Italian Breadsticks. Got hooked on it through Costco and started making the recipe for the chocolate chip cookies on the back. This almond flour is consistently perfect, but I have to keep going back and forth amongst three or four different sources of almond flour because of all the price increases.
I might try to use coconut flour more, as ounce to ounce it is much less expensive, plus you need much less for baking. Pancakes made with this are fine, but if you are planning on baking with it, add in a little buckwheat flour or some other flour that will make it stick together; otherwise cake, muffins, etc.
I must give credit where credit is due, as the original recipe is not mine, but belongs to The Chicken Lady from the Low Carb Friends forum.
In small mixing bowl, with electric mixer on medium beat together vanilla, eggs and coconut milk for 30 seconds.

About Vanessa RomeroVanessa Romero, founder of Healthy Living How To and Healthy Living With Essential Oils, is a healthy living enthusiast with a background in Personal Training, Metabolic Testing and Nutrition Coaching. In a large bowl beat shortening and butter with an electric mixer on medium to high speed for 30 seconds. These little babies will form the basis of several other recipes floating around in my head. We're prepared to meet your dietary needs whether you have Celiac restrictions, adhere to a Paleo lifestyle, or simply enjoy low-carb baking. Didn't have the Grapeseed oil or the agave nectar, so I substituted coconut oil and coconut Nectar, they are fabulous this way (think almond joy in a cookie). I've used it for several years now - but if the price continues to rise, I will need to begin making my own. The flat rate shipping and the fact that I also buy honey in bulk from this site are the only reasons I ever purchase almond flour here anymore.
I share this affinity with my friend Nate, who has tested and given his nod of approval for this version of Healthy Carrot Cake.
I made a few minor changes, using stevia instead of Splenda, coconut milk  instead of sour cream, chose coconut oil instead of vegetable oil and topped with my Almond Cream Cheese Frosting. Her passion, is to help others achieve optimal health, through a wellness approach that encompasses living healthy in mind, body and spirit.
Almond flour sets the standard for gluten-free options and for that reason you’re able to bake amazing cookies, cakes, and bread without sacrificing quality.
The almond flour’s nutritional value is retained throughout the entire process, leaving you with a balance of carbohydrates, protein, and calcium.

I don't flatten them and only bake them 7-8 mins, they stay nice and fluffy and oh so yummy! In addition to testing Nate’s taste buds, I sent a test batch to work with my husband, where a team of Registered Dietitians gave this two thumbs up. Be sure to visit My Favoritespage and support Healthy Living How To if you are going to be doing any online shopping. Several other Healthy Carrot Cake aficianados have adapted this recipe to suit their needs as well, like subbing unsweetened applesauce for the oil or pecan meal instead of almond flour, etc. I use my VitaMix to finely chop whole carrots, you could also buy pre-shredded carrots and then run a knife through them or use a food processor.
My handsome husband, who in the past had claimed to dislike carrot cake, said this is by far the best dessert he’s had, healthy or otherwise and my 15 yr. So I will continue to purchase this almond flour as long as Costco carries it and the price doesn't increase any more.
This is the best almond flour I have found as it is a very fine texture and not at all grainy as others are.

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