Most people know that a simple way to cut carbs with tacos is to sub the tortilla for a large leaf of lettuce which is what I’ve done here. I’ve had to look at carbs a whole lot closer lately to help control my blood sugar so I had to go just a little further than the shell to make this truly low carb.
Cherry tomatoes are just slightly lower in carbs by 1 gram per cup than regular chopped tomatoes. These are a little friendlier in carbs just because you typically won’t use as much when they are raw. I love using my slow cooker and on one of our family’s faves is Slow Cooker Lazy Lasagna. This will totally freak out anyone who is into clean eating, but my favorite recipe is a pork loin cooked in a can of diet root beer. It’s not really a recipe, but I love using my slow cooker for roasting vegetables and cooking squash! My favorite slow cooker go to is a venison roast, French onion soup mix, cream of mushroom soup served over egg noodles.
These are a perfect appetizer to serve at parties, get-togethers and even to put in your lunch.
I should mention that when making these, they melt pretty much the way you put them on the pan.

This is what it looks like if you use a loose tablespoon of cheese to scoop it onto the baking sheet. This is what it looks like if you pack the cheese down into tablespoon and then pop it out onto the baking sheet. Place your 1 tablespoon mounds of cheese on the baking sheet (they won’t spread much, so you can line them up somewhat closely).
Allow to cool for a few minutes and then use a thin spatula to scrape them up and transfer them to a cooling rack.
When you are ready to serve, simply top them with your favorite bruschetta topping and serve!
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It comes out perfectly for pulled pork sandwiches with the addition of some barbecue sauce. Pork roast wih 12 oz of root beer and cook for 8-12hrs on low and then drain shred the meat and add any BBQ sauce – mine has honey and chipotle in it. But as I head down the clean eating low carb road, I’m realizing that on occasion, I can have little bits here and there without suffering.

But the looser version would be a bit tougher to put toppings on because it crumbles far easier. Powerballs aus getrockneten Kirschen, Erdnusmus, Nussen, Honig und Vollkorncerealien – mhh!
Die sweete Lady hat sich auch auf Clean Eating fokussiert und bietet in ihrem Blog eine Vielzahl an glutenfreien, Clean Eating oder Raw Food Rezepten und zudem noch unglaublich schon fotografiert. Gina spezialisiert sich auf Low Fat Rezepte aus naturlichen Zutaten die perfekt zur Paleo Ernahrung oder ins Clean Eating passen.
Probably any liquid would do the trick, but I haven’t experimented with anything else. Ihr Spezialgebiet sind Clean Eating Rezepte aus naturlichen Zutaten ohne Zucker und Wei?mehl.
Although, for many of you, I recommend avoiding adding additional olive oil like you might with a traditional Bruschetta simply because the cheese already has so much oil in it.
Sie hat hier eine Shopping Liste zusammengestellt fur Zutaten die ins Clean Eating Konzept passen.

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