July 30, 2012 By Carolyn 56 Comments These are the best low carb peanut butter cups, with a dark chocolate shell and a creamy peanut butter center. I was reading the instruction and it said to add vanilla in the chocolate coating but it did not say how much.
I didn’t have the smaller-size paper cups, so I used regular muffin papers and placed them in a muffin tin. I can stay away from peanut butter for the most part, not that I try, but when mixed with chocolate there is no stopping me. An absolutely delicious dessert adapted from a high carb recipe to bring the carbs right down. Mousse and Chocolate brownie – combine 2 of my favourite things and you come up with these simple little tarts. One of our wonderful customers Helen has been playing around with low carb ingredients to make an old favourite available for all of us. You could actually make yours about half the size of mine – it was extremely filling!
I was making lemon curd for another recipe, and then decided it tasted like the lemon meringue pie filling, and set about making these little babies.

This was so simple and so darn yummy I had trouble stopping myself from eating it all before it set.
I love the LC Banana Smoothie and I love the LC Vanilla Ice Cream, so what could possibly be better than combining the 2 great flavours into a low carb banana ice cream? I just found Carb Blocker, an all natural product that delays the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. About MandiMandi is a creative Texas girl who grew up with four sisters and an artist mom who passed along her love to create. Interested in advertising or contacting Amy about creative content development or spokesperson opportunties?
Peanut butter straight out of the jar doesn’t tempt me in the least, but I could probably eat many handfuls of your gorgeous pb cups!!! I made eight peanut butter cups this way and figured that they each have 4.8 grams of effective carbohydrate. I used the LC Gluten Free Yellow Cake as it has a nice soft texture and bam, it was all nice and simple from there.
After much experimenting I’ve come up with a delicious recipe for this low carb Christmas pudding.

The peanut butter I have is a bit drier than it should be, so I added a tablespoon of water to it and then pressed the peanut butter into the chilled chocolate cups with my fingertips. Also a great way to use the rest of the Dixie Chocolate Pudding since it made 4 big servings and we had only eaten 2 so far.
I’ve converted this recipe to low carb for those of us who don’t want lattice slice thighs!
I can reward myself for cleaning out closets (getting organized is also on my list) with a yummy low carb dessert. Usually, though, the plain unsalted, unsweetened peanut butter should be great without added moisture. Mine may not have been stirred adequately when I used it to make a peanut butter loaf recently.

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