Did you know a small red bell pepper delivers 157% of your RDA for Vitamin C for only 4 carbs compared to a medium orange that only delivers 116% for a diet blowing 15 carbs? Many people, in the hope of losing weight, follow various kinds of diets and weight loss programs. The reason this diet works is that when you reduce the intake of carbs, you are actually decreasing insulin production in your body.
A low calorie diet that has only 1000 total calories will consist of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack.
Even though the 1000 calorie diet for weight loss works for most people, it shouldn't be followed for a long periods of time, as it can have ill effects on your health. With this diet, you are restricting your body from having nutritional and essential vitamins and minerals which it requires. Either it's high protein, low-carb, or less calories; we have found countless ways to lose weight and stay in shape.
Even though complex carbs should be taken in proper quantities, you can follow a low-carb diet that includes unsaturated fats, limited amounts of complex carbs and fats, and proteins.

As this occurs, your body is forced to use fats which are stored in your body to gain energy. So when you are looking to lose weight, a low metabolism rate is ineffective to gain the results. This depletion makes you dehydrated which is often mistaken for weight loss, when in fact, you are getting dehydrated and suffering from loss of muscles. Also, this diet has very little amounts of fiber which is essential to help you stay away from digestive track cancer, irritable bowel disorders, constipation, and heart diseases. But have you ever thought that reducing the intake of healthy, nutritional foods can have an adverse effect? You can include fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, nuts, grains, and dairy products that are considered to be low in carbs. By limiting the intake of daily calories recommended for men and women, you are putting yourself at risk.
Of course, when you are talking about a low-carb 1000-calorie diet, eyebrows will be raised because this diet is not supposed to be followed for more than a short period of time.

As we discussed earlier, people who are concerned about their weight and are looking to lose few pounds, can begin this diet.
Here are some side effects or risks which you should be aware of before starting a low carb diet. In this article, we are discussing a diet which consists of eating only 1000 calories and has low carbs too.
You need to engage in proper exercises, cut down on fast foods and junk foods, get adequate sleep, and watch what you eat. But before that, why don't we take a look at the big question, as to why would someone want to follow such a diet. With so many alternatives to the real deal, it's unfortunately becoming second nature to accept second best.

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