Every now and then I pull out my waffle maker and make the kids a big old batch of waffles.
These make a great low carb dessert for LCHF, top them with berries and unsweetened whip cream. If you are following the Egg Fast, you can use these as bread for fried egg sandwiches or even make grilled cheese sandwiches. For the Egg Fast, the entire recipe counts as 2 eggs and 2 ounces cheese (or 2 tbsp if you substituted mayo for the cream cheese). The topping I made in the photo was simply this:  I slightly melted 1 tbsp butter in a dish.
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Janice, you can get an add on for your browser that will calculate all of the percentages for each meal, including net carbs, in MFP. Added a tiny bit of stevia and cinnamon to the batter, waffle iron(ed), let them cool on a rack, then into the toaster.
I made this waffle recipe in my sandwich maker and it made perfect triangles for a grilled cheese sandwich.
You are making me wish I did the keto diet instead of the 8-week challenge, now that is some boring clean eating my friend.
When you get done playin’ with the waffle maker, then you can drag out your doughnut pan (assuming you have one) and make meat doughnts or bagels. Yeah, the bagels end up flat on the tops, but once you turn then over, rounded ends appear. Have you ever considered making meat waffles (with ground meat), or throwing a thin steak-type piece of meat on your waffle iron to cook?
If you support what we do and appreciate the free information that we provide to then please consider purchasing through our links. If you are a carb-lover like me, any news that avoiding carbohydrates is better for health is hard to take. At the end of the 30 days, I wanted to scientifically quantify whether this type of diet is healthier or not. However, when you start digging in to specific numbers on the tests, some interesting results appear. With diabetes such a frequent health concern, we all should pay attention to our blood glucose levels. While distinguishing differences in liver enzymes when both are in the “normal” range is almost pointless, it does make sense that when the body is having an easier time digesting healthful foods, the liver does not have to work as hard.

While some of my liver enzymes were decreased on the low-carb diet, generally showing the liver having an easier time processing food, others were not so positive. I had a number of tiny changes in my blood factors that could be interpreted to show signs of dehydration and possible iron deficiency. So, overall, how do I answer the question, “Is a low carb diet healthier?” I think the answer is that medical science is still catching up with popular dieting trends and the results aren’t fully understood yet. Then I took two tablespoons of butter and microwaved with a teaspoon of sugar free chocolate syrup that I put in my coffee. I wasn’t even sure I still had a waffle iron it has been that long since I have used it, but this is going to have me using it a lot! It felt like a “no carb” diet because the only carbs I ate were oatmeal, whole fruit smoothies, an occasional amount of quinoa and any small amounts of carbs that happened to be in things like tomatoes, corn, or salad dressing. So, I had a blood sample drawn and analyzed to measure my cholesterol, blood sugar and other basic indicators of health. Likely, most busy physicians would take a quick look at the results and say, “Well, you were healthy before and you are still healthy. In general, I had been eating more meats than normal (lean proteins like turkey and fish mostly) yet my cholesterol went down!
Not surprisingly, on a low carb diet, where you are ingesting fewer sugars than normal, the blood glucose level falls. It was interesting to see that while my total cholesterol dropped 19% and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol dropped 24%, my good cholesterol also dropped—by nearly 20%!
In general, you don’t want your triglyceride levels to increase as this is a risk factor for heart disease and other problems. We have been conditioned to associate white blood cell counts with strong immune systems and the ability to fight off disease. I had never really thought much about iron before so I hope to talk about that in a future post. Most of us eat way too many carbohydrates and can have better health if we eat less of them and more of the healthy stuff like vegetables and lean proteins. While most of us know that eating too much meat and saturated fats raises cholesterol, how many of us know that eating too many carbohydrates does the same thing?
I assume this might be related to the decreased acetyl co-A production issue mentioned above.
Many studies of low carbohydrate diets only report that participants lowered triglyceride levels. Anecdotal evidence suggests this may be connected to ketosis and that the liver has to work harder to process the body’s fat stores as a supply of energy than it does to process carbohydrates.

The changes were small but it does highlight that you have to be careful when you undertake any drastic dietary changes. However, we don’t need to cut out all carbohydrates completely and if we do, it might not be good for us.
Hardest of all, I ate no sugars except for fruit and any small amounts that might have been in salad dressing. Anecdotally, however, it seems that some people on low carb diets experience at least a temporary increase in triglyceride levels, which could reflect the body using fats as a source of energy. However, some additional research showed anecdotal evidence that white blood cell counts often fall when people are on ketogenic diets. Some suggest that over time, ketosis eventually results in lowered and better liver enzyme levels. Eating more of the good kind of carbohydrates (whole grains) and less of the bad kind (simple sugars and candies) is another area we need to work on.
I ate tons of salad greens and vegetables, lean proteins like fish, turkey and chicken, healthy raw nuts, fruits and oatmeal.
While we use terms like “burn off that fat” or “melt that fat” when we think about losing weight or exercising, what I was not connecting is that the body essentially has to process stored fat (through a process called ketosis) and get it out of the body. However my hematologist believes there is nothing to fear as I’m negative on bone marrow biopsy, infections, etc. Therefore, when you start eating healthier, you see decreased inflammation and perhaps lower white blood cell counts. I have experimented with cutting carbs to 30% of calories for the past 9 months and found your article illuminating as my reduced carb intake seems to correlate to my low WBC counts.
One source I read indicated that this diet-induced triglyceride increase is not dangerous in the same way that increased triglycerides due to over-consumption of bad fats is and that the triglyceride levels fall over time as fat is eliminated from the body. However, another study looking at ketogenic diets in children suggests that the lowered white blood cell count could also indicate a nutritional deficiency, such as Vitamin D. I have been going back up with carbs to 40% and 50% because of lack of energy for workouts (seems to be helping). I eat a very healthy diet and exercise almost daily for an hour, including running, martial arts, etc.

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