If you’re participating in the low carb challenge Facebook group, you’ll find today’s weigh-in thread here. Here is my Low Carb Food Diary for Day 28 of the “Get Lean For Summer!” 90 Day Low Carb Challenge. For dinner I grabbed a big fat Double Thickburger from Hardee’s, low carb style of course.
Well, i was scared to step on the scale (i always am) i was surprised to see that i have lost three pounds this week! I am so pround of myself because i immediately took the bun off and set it aside, and ate just the meat cheese, lettuce onion and dill pickle . The only thing bad about the burger was that it had a little BBQ sauce on it but it made it more tasty.
I forgot to tell you that i need to go back to the health food store here that i visit every once in a while for referring me to your low carb challenge on facebook last year. I was asking him about some weight loss supplements like Garcinia Cambogia and carb blockers etc. I rather not (for now) be on the fb page cause all those foodie recipes tempt me as i an trying to do the 3IMAX. I think it’s cause of the Mercury Retrograde that makes us want to slow down and reevaluate ourselves and to do some introspective thinking. I had a 2 lb loss this week, which included gaining back a pound yesterday (for no reason) which I lost this morning.

Wow Betsy – congrats on your 13 pound loss in the last 4 or 5 weeks, that’s great! Mine was up almost half a pound yesterday and today, but that’s just normal fluctuations. I weighed myself last week and had lost the 2 pounds and was really hoping to see a little bit more lost this morning but that wasn’t the case lol.
My husband and I are going to an all day concert festival and there will definitely be some beer drinking involved. I’m going to see my favorite band perform (I go to LOTS of their concerts!) and plan to drink and dance all night long. I usually just stick to a light one (bud or coors) which have way less carbs than the other choices. I’m really excited for my loss so far and am really encouraged to stay on track to get to my goal. I really needed this to help me get motivated again.i did not actually try your challenge till this past March and did not follow it faithfully until April, when your new challenge started.
I don’t follow the stars, but I know mercury retrograde throws me for a loop EVERY time. I started diligently following this plan on March 1st, although I have essentially done LC for the last 2 years — just not always faithfully.
Could I blow all 20 net carbs on popcorn for a treat as long as I don’t have any other carbs that day?

I cut up two Oscar Mayer Smokies (zero carbs) and put them on a baking sheet with frozen yellow squash slices and baked it all together.
Squash is a good low carb source for potassium, by the way – along with avocado and mushrooms.
I expected to do better but I’ve learned plenty about myself, my eating habits, new foods, as well as healthier ways of eating them. But, 12 pounds loss is a whole lot better than 12 pounds gained or 0 lost so I’ll take it.
And I definitely am not planning on weighing – in until Tuesday or Wednesday just to be on the safe side lol. Do you ever use your carb allowance at once and does it affect your losses or put you out of ketosis? So instead of the candy if I get a sweet tooth I’m gonna go back to the sf jello I was eating and see if that helps me lose faster. The impetus for finally getting serious is an upcoming appointment for annual physical in 2 weeks. I would cut out the sf candy if i were you but if that is what it takes to keep you on track then go with it.

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