None of this reassurance matters a whit if no one in your neighborhood participates in trick-or-treat anymore. My vote would be a return to the Halloween party, with spooky games and music, and at least some non-candy foods. If you’re still in a trick-or-treat part of the country, may I make a few gentle suggestions? Focus as much attention as you can on the many fun and creative Halloween activities that don’t involve sugar. If you foolishly insist on buying your own favorite candy for trick-or-treat, buy the minimum you can get away with.
In my late teens and early twenties, birth control exaggerated all of my symptoms.  My chronic constipation was so bad that I underwent a series of uncomfortable diagnostic tests that eventually led to the label of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. And then I agreed to write a book, which became two books.  If I ever needed reinforcement of the importance of lifestyle in managing autoimmune disease, the health crash I suffered a year ago was it (you would think that the act of researching and writing Chapters 3 and 6 would have been enough, smh).
I’ve started eating a lot of sea veggies and fish stock made with fish heads (including the thyroid gland) and have noticed within a few days that my eyebrows are growing more than they have in years.
I know dairy is an issue almost as bad as gluten but since we should be eating fermented foods, I have doubts on whether this could have some benefits or if should avoid it like other dairy products. Thank you for all your work, I have hashimoto’s thyroiditis too (since I was 14) and I hope you start getting better.
I would first like to thank you for all your extensive research, articles, books, podcasts & website. I read in your post that you were going to make some changes in your life to help you deal with your new diagnosis. I was also diagnosed with hashimotos about six months ago and have made many of the changes you discovered … Selenium, cutting out iodine, adding yoga and sufficient hydration. Thanks for your comment … This article was a fantastic read for me in relating to the discouragement combined with relief in the diagnosis. My question for you is my md would not start me on the armour thyroids med since she thought it would increase my antibodies. In researching books to get, other than yours which are already on their way, I found this and was wondering if you had read it and if so what your thoughts on it were.
It takes all the spooky fun and all the exercise out of trick-or-treating, while leaving all the sugar.

My best, my brightest Halloween memories do not have to do with candy, although I was certainly a little sugar-junkie. Perhaps you could have them choose their five or ten favorite kinds of candy; anything not on that list goes in the trash.
A pioneer of the low-carb frontier, Dana has been fighting the low-fat lie since 1996 at HoldTheToast. This is when I was diagnosed with early arthritis and scalp psoriasis.  This is when I started having tendonitis, and numbness in my fingers diagnosed as probable carpal tunnel. And I don’t regret for one second writing those books or taking on any of the projects that I am now working on. I was not labeled as a hypochondriac, instead I was labeled as a fat person clearly doing something wrong to have gotten there. It is important to be really committed to paleo for a number of months or as long as it takes to reach health. I cannot imagine what you are going through, and I am so appreciative of your openness and honesty. Iodine has been found to be beneficial for those with a thyroid condition except when the thyroid condition stems from Hashimoto’s.
I have also been on the aip diet for over a month now and tolerating it well.i thank god every day that i found your info on the web!
I’ve had thyroid disease and celiac for years and have done a tremendous amount of research on thyroid disease. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism this past summer along with hyperpermeable gut… which I am starting to think might me misdiagnosed Hashimotos. People dress their kids up in costumes, pack candy in their cars, and go to a predesignated parking lot. Indeed, it reinforces the idea that the best thing, the most important thing, the most fun thing about Halloween is the candy. It’s the reporting of crime, and therefore the perception of crime, that has drastically increased. She lives in Indiana with three dogs, a cat, a backyard full of chickens -- and, of course, That Nice Boy She Married, with whom she shares much bacon on a pleasant Sunday morning.
But the tests (TSH and T4) came back normal (albeit just barely) and my doctor never pursued it further.  This was also the time that I developed my secondary autoimmune disease, lichen planus (read more about this part of my journey here and here), severe acid reflux, asthma, and allergies.

Flowers), the first doctor to ever run a complete thyroid panel on me.  At that time, I once again suspected it was my thyroid, but, my thyroid panel came back normal (albeit just barely). I am beyond blessed for the information you present that is helping me find answers to what has effected me for 20 years. Your information is invaluable and a generous gift to all of us living with an autoimmune disease. You can imagine my own frustrations with being physically active in my professional yet unable to maintain a reasonable body weight. I have begun this journey to diagnosis however, I have to direct it at every step with my doctor. I have psoriasis on my face and scalp (have for many years), but recently I have been experiencing joint aches in my hand and knees. I pray you are better soon and please realize that sharing your illness is hard but you are impacting lives daily! If you haven’t already been tested for Lyme Disease, perhaps that is something you also want to discuss with your doctor. I wanted to bring it to your attention because it may be something to speak to your doctor about. Apparently women suffering with Hashimoto’s reach their adrenal burnout much faster than the average person. Alas, I have no children.) The drawback to this is that private parties are invitation-only events, and some kids could get left out.
Finding the right balance with exercise is crucial to living healthy with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. This may sound crazy, but once I cut back on the exercise, I started to lose weight, gain energy and gain strength.

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