UK-renowned specialist, Dr Trudi Deakin (our Chief Executive ) says that this six-step plan will give fresh hope to people who are overweight or are suffering from a long term health condition.
We have also identified that eating carbohydrate increases blood glucose levels, which then increases the levels of a hormone called insulin in the blood.
A) Spirits with sugar-free mixers (slim-line tonic, diet coke or diet lemonade) or dry white wine or red wine.
A) Trudi: If I make a tomato-based sauce, I add passata to fried onions, peppers, mushrooms etc. A) Yes tomatoes do contain some carbs but passata usually has a lot less carbs (and additives) than tomato based sauces such Ragu and Dolmio. A) All our information is up-to-date and evidence based to the best of our knowledge at the time of print.
A) You need far less coconut flour than grain-based flour, so for every one cup of grain-based flour in a recipe use just one-quarter to one-third cup of coconut flour. If you’re using coconut flour in a typical grain-based flour recipe, you’ll need to experiment a bit to get the proportions just right. A) Constipation – initially patients may report constipation as this is frequently a problem when people change their diet. Bowel cancer – there is emerging research looking at LCHF diets for slowing down the growth of cancer as hyperinsulinemia and glucose can stimulate growth of cancer cells. Lower body weight – the high fat nature of the diet allows people to consume a more energy dense diet without feeling bloated.
Q) Would it be appropriate for someone who is quite overweight but does long distance swimming? Q) I have been diagnosed with crainiopharaginoma which has left me with complex hormone issues & I've been told I will find it very difficult to lose weight.
A) When people initially adopt a LCHF diet they may experience constipation but the body soon adapts.

A) We are currently looking into releasing the “Eat Fat: Step-by-Step Guide to Low Carb Living” as an e-book. A) People with polycystic ovary syndrome often have insulin resistance and this results in high levels of insulin in the blood.
Q) I wanted to ask if you could advise that an Eat Fat way of living would be suitable for me without having a gall-bladder?
This product has variants and can only be added to the cart by viewing the product details page. This hormone promotes weight gain, prevents weight loss and contributes to other health problems.
Page 51 in the low carb handbook provides the carb content of several alcohol drinks that may help. Is there any kind of low carb tomato sauce, or maybe a cheese sauce to put over my cauliflower? We use the Carbs and Cals books for carbohydrate content which informs that an 80g portion of peas contain 8g of carbs and therefore this can be included in the 50g daily allowance if desired. It is 90-95% protein and 100g of protein can be converted to 56g glucose so eating protein to excess can still spike your glucose and insulin levels. Adding more or less coconut flour will help you get the texture you love, and adding in the right mix of binding ingredients (such as eggs or flax seed) will ensure the baked good doesn’t simply fall apart. However, this soon resolves as the fibre intake doesn’t have to be lower if people get the right education and consume sufficient fluids, veg, berries, nuts, flaxseed, coconut flour etc. Epidemiological studies have concluded that red meat may cause bowel cancer but there are many limitations especially as observational studies cannot identify cause and effect and also they have not separated factory farmed cattle from grass-fed cattle raised without hormones and antibiotics. As meals with virtually no carbs and high levels of fat are more satisfying and filling, most people find that they are able to eliminate all snacks and can often manage on 2 meals per day.
Insulin is a weight promoting hormone that encourages fat storage - it sends signals to the fat cells, telling them to store fat and to hold on to the fat that they already carry.

Clinical trials have shown several advantages from following a low carb diet but our philosophy at X-PERT Health is that we shouldn’t dictate what dietary approach people should adopt.
The red wine information shows that it contains very little carbohydrate (~1g per 125ml glass) although be careful with lower alcohol or sweet wines as these will contain more carbs.
It may be due to the fact that people without the relevant nutritional expertise are providing advice but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this.
Coconut flour actually works great as a thickening agent in recipes as well, due to its high absorbency. It normally works by making people feel fuller for longer and therefore making them less likely to snack between meals which may defeat the object if someone is trying to gain weight. In the meantime – make sure you are active enough, continue to drink plenty of fluid and make sure that you have sufficient green leafy vegetables.
Conditions such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease can be prevented if the plan is adopted. Insulin is what we call a weight promoting hormone – it encourages us to store fat and prevents us burning it for energy. Even those who already have the conditions may find that their condition is reversed with the right lifestyle.
Insulin levels raise when we eat carbohydrate and therefore if we omit carbs, levels of insulin drop and enable weight loss. Adopting a low carb high fat (LCHF) dietary approach should reduce insulin resistance and allow you to lose weight due to lower levels of insulin in the blood.

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