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Multiple studies have shown that high fat low carb ketogenic diets can boost weight loss, and the most well-known plan is the Atkins diet.
Kim Kardashian, who just celebrated daughter North's first birthday, definitely wants to get pregnant again. Numerous media headlines have proclaimed that Kim Kardashian lost 56 pounds on a high fat low carb ketogenic diet. Basically this book goes against pretty much everything all muscle magazines and most fitness instructors tell you and basically rubbishes the idea of training 3 times a week and doing 3 sets of 10-12 reps etc. Instead it is based on research done by Arthur Jones which involves much more high intense, but less frequent workouts (1-2 sets of 8 exercises for 10 reps, twice a week). However, one thing that i can't quite understand is this guy's philosophy on low protein, high carb diets for bodybuilders. He basically gives a long winded explanation (which i won't type the whole thing) involving research with starving children in africa and himself as a subject.
He also believes that calories and water are the sole components needed to build muslce, as 70% of muslce is made of water. Now i am all for trying out this guys training techniques, as they seem to be based on good solid evidence and have worked well with top class bodybuilders.
Personally my progress has always suffered when my protein intake drops, though I have seen footage of bodybuilders consuming bags of jelly babies pre-contest, maybe if you do that all the time you'll look like a contest ready bodybuilder?
I don't think i'm quite that high carb, i have more protein because i like it, when my protein has dropped i havn't had any noticable difference, calories are the main factor. People on roids need a large amount of protein because their body is undergoing an unatural amount of protein synthesis. Disclaimer: All posts on these forums are for information and discussion purposes only and solely the views of the forum member who posted. I am at the phase now where i have been trying a high protein diet for a while now with decent gains, but i am getting fed up of eating certain things and forcing protein down me and i am looking for alternatives. If you agree that no excess of protein is required for building muscle then where would you make up the extra calories lost through a decrease in protein intake?
Also, would you agree with what the author stated about only needing 0.36g per pound of bodyweight or would you try and incerease that intake a little further. He also mentioned that one of the bodybuilders he worked with (Sergio Oliva) used to love having a large Pepperoni Pizza and 32ounces Coke as a meal after training. Ellington Darden does not have the reputation for being a 'loon' - people of my generation may recognise his name more readily than the younger generation because he was a prolific contributor to all the BB mags of the day, etc.
Essentially he seems to be saying that muscle tissue development is a physiological response to the correct execise (I agree) and that as long as you are consuming sufficient energy to cover the exercise, recovery and growth phases of that physiological adaptation, you only need relatively modest amount of protein for the actual muscle ptotein synthesis.
Darden doesn't actually clarify why he opts for so many carbs in his diet other than that it is an easy source of calories.

He also mentions that in a study he conducted using starving children, the subject's condition became worse when they were force fed high protein diets, however when they were fed high carb diets their condition improved much quicker and even more so if the source of carbs was a simple one. Fair enough carbs worked better in this senario, but how that translates to bodybuilding and creating the best condition for muscle growth i don't know. Considering how low a protein level Darden advises the pepperoni (sausage) was probably sufficient protein.
Studies show no benefit to re-feeding with a high protein diet - good results can be achieved with as little 25g per day. Yes, that is probably his point, but how he can use those conclusions and implement them in to bodybuilding i'm not quite sure. So in conclusion to all this, am i still best keeping to a high protein diet if i want to build lean muscle mass, and keep carbs at a moderate level?
Also, on a side note, do you think it is possible to get good results with the right training on the type of diet Darden explained?
I lost 14 pounds in the first two weeks on the program and I’ve lost 20 pounds in total now. Unleash Your Thin is based on the principles of low carb dieting but unlike the classic Atkins diet, it doesn’t require you to count grams of carbohydrate or limit your intake of healthy salad and green vegetables.
Bowden offers a 60 day 100% money back guarantee so customers can try the program risk free. The system is built on an intricate understanding of how the human body burns and stores fat, and builds muscle. In addition, this e-guide also takes people step-by-step through an interesting process of discovering the exact pre- and post- workout diet to lose belly fat for men and women.
In other words, this e-book includes simple to follow guidelines that everyone can easily implement from the privacy of their own home. The site supplies people with tips, ways, programs, methods and e-books about many topics including fitness, health, entertainment, and lifestyle. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. These workouts have really interested me and i am going to give them a try and see how it goes. He also goes on to say that huge magazines only 'big up' protein for marketing purposes and money making, simply becuase they cannot make mouney pushing caloiries and water to it's readers. He also believes that the best source of these calories is carbs, and believes that you daily diet should be made up of 60-70% carbs, 20-30% from fats and 10-20% from protein. However, i am finding hard to see the thinking behind this guy's diet recommendations and how he can believe that protein has so little effect on building muscle mass.
Also, has anyone had any experience of High Intensity Weight Training i.e only training twice a week for only around 30-45mins? In the book the author stated that the more simple the carbs were, the better the gains were in his study.
Hardly a nutritious option but his view were that it was the perfect meal as it was packed with calories, carbs and water.
If it is purely a case of sufficient calories to cover training, recovery and growth needs, they could come from anywhere!
The only other thing i can think of is a point that you made that it maybe to do with ensuring the body has enough energy to recover and although this could come from other sources maybe he viewed carbs as the easiest and most beneficial source.
Surely a starving body will have positive effects when fed anything, it doesn't nescessarily have to be carbs although they may have had the best effect.

In theory i supose it is as long as you have enough calories, but Darden isn't just claiming that it works, he is claiming that it is the 'best' diet to gain mass. It’s as much about handling food triggers and feelings as it is about what you should and shouldn’t eat.
He’s confident that the huge majority of customers will be thrilled with their weight loss, as well as seeing better health and increased energy within the first few weeks. It includes the ‘Fat Burning Blueprint’ summarizing the diet, the ‘Craving Crusher Action Guide’ containing quizzes to identify and beat your personal overeating triggers, and access to a supportive members’ forum. It aims to take advantage of the most advanced and intricate features of the human metabolism.
In the system, people will learn the exact time to eat carbs to target muscle growth, easy ways to get a six pack body rapidly, and the supplement recommendations to promote their results. When ordering the product, clients will receive the exclusive discussion forums membership that allows them to join in the community of people who achieved positive results after using this system.
By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features.
His conclusion is that basically bodybuilders need no more than 0.36g of protein per pound of body weight a day, which is the equivilent of 72g of protein a day for someone who weight 200lbs. Jelly babies are just packed full of sugar so that would fit in with what he said about simple carbs. Moreover, in the 300-page e-book, people will learn the right type of exercise and the right intensity to literally change their cells’ molecular function for burning fat and building muscle. Furthermore, this program reveals to users some foods that can turn their body into a fat storing machine and several secret foods that can boost their fat burning process once and for all.
All advice is followed at your own risk and should be followed up with your own research or doctors advice. Now the customer reviews are out and Rosemary C., who lost 14 pounds in 2 weeks on the diet, is blogging about her progress. After John Kiefer released “Carb Back Loading”, a lot of people used it for learning how to lose weight and gain muscle concurrently. Additionally, people will get to know what they need to change in their life style to get maximum results of the training process and how to do that. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. Dieter Rosemary C., who has lost 20 pounds on the program, says no - this one actually works. Thanks to this system, users will not only abolish their stubborn body fat but also build a lean body quickly and efficiently. Probably as I ate fewer carbs than usual (I probably have like 50 grams a day usually) and did not snack at all.
Since I had put on a couple of pounds during the holidays I don’t mind losing them this easily.Have you just finished the challenge? What were your results?Take the 2-week low-carb challengePSPeople who have significant amounts of excess weight tend to lose significantly more weight on the challenge.
I have noticed increased energy and love that I can fast intermittently without guilt or hungar.

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