The Mail Online has a story of a plumber who went on a paleo diet after his weight reached nearly 300lbs and he could no longer get into some of the small spaces necessary to do his job. I lost 8st on the Caveman DietNeil Eaton dropped to 12st after giving up processed food, dairy and carbs The 32-year-old now only eats meat, fish, fruit and vegetables Before the diet he suffered severe acid reflux and chest pains He says that since losing weight he no longer has these problems By Emma Innes A plumber lost 8st after becoming so big he could no longer fit into small spaces at work. The DietDoctor has a great success story from Mauro who had no luck losing weight until he first dropped sugar and then the carbs. Please note…Articles are presented in good faith but we cannot be held responsible for any content - the opinions presented are for educational and illustrative purposes only and should not be considered as either individual advice or as a substitute for medical and other professional services intended to suit your specific personal needs. Always consult a competent medical professional for answers specific to your questions and circumstances.

This is my second go around at UD 2.0, my first being pretty successful however I felt that had I did a small bulk in between I may get better results.
Dude if you can do 8miles on a depletion day you can reap the benefits of doing both the depletion workouts in the same workout or day.
I found your page while I was trying to learn more about sugar, from the best on this theme, Dr. As a result I stopped that after about eight weeks (as is suggested in the program) and ate and worked out. The workout was difficult and I think I will just stick to amino and ec stack as a pre for the time as what I took today did little to get me into things.

I was curious, do you thinnk I could just eat at maintenance or a tad over, from today-sunday night, and begin the UD on monday? I started to lose weight quitting sugar, but it went way better when I quit carbohydrates!!!! It’s amazing how easy it is and eating what I really want, so I started to make my little war against sugar and the very bad information of media to eat very bad and make us so sick!

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