When I started this blog just a short time ago I introduced myself and told you why I started this way of eating. I decided to pursue a low-carb way of eating along with my added help since I watched a good friend have great success the year before.
The best advice I can give you is to learn what you can substitute for foods you are used to and be prepared. I was able to go to Lynn when I initially had questions and found her blog, Traveling Low Carb a great reference tool. You see I refer to it as my way of eating, NOT a diet, because diet has a negative connotation and I do not in any way deprive myself by eating low carb. Eggs are great and cheese is okay once you are started and you will soon find that there are substitutes for a lot of foods! I not only highly recommend it but have actually guest blogged on her site in the past because of my respect for her.
You are welcome to leave them in the comments below and I do free private consultations too. After a friend approached me with a line of all-natural supplements to help I decided to try one last time to get rid of the weight I had gained with menopause!

If you are eating something sweet you can subtract sugar alcohols too but not plain sugar, that is pure carbs! When you stop supplying the carbs your body will start burning fat (including stored body fat)  instead. For instance I make cheesy mashed cauliflower rather than mashed potatoes and my family now prefers them for anything but dishes where they want to smother them in gravy! I only count carbs and if I cannot count them on my fingers and toes I know I have eaten too much!
I do not follow any particular popular diet although there are many and many are really good. When your body goes from burning carbs and sugar to burning fat you’ll start to see the pounds fall off!
That includes potatoes, pasta,  rice, breads and anything made with grains like oatmeal, cereals, etc. Many are my clients and my husband has lost multiple belt notches and is down over 40#, dropping under 200# for the first time in years just last week! I was also lucky to have a friend in Lynn Terry, a long time Internet marketer that has mentored me even before I started this journey. More than that I want to share with you how I continue to keep off the almost 40# and 4 dress sizes!

That is only because your body has to metabolize alcohol before it can burn fat so it helps to jump start the process.
Look it up when you want to eat something the first time after starting until it becomes second nature. I have made many great friends through it and they are one of the most supportive group of women I have ever met. Our bodies fluctuate naturally and constantly checking your numbers often leads to undue stress.
We often think that fruits like watermelon are okay since they contain so much water, but they contain tons of sugar so stay away from them! As a matter of fact I only dice berries into my low-carb yogurt or low-carb ice cream rather than eat them alone.

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