Alison comes from a background of binge eating that seemed to magically seize after adopting the low carb lifestyle.
As Debbie reached her 20’s, her mother worried daily, claiming her daughter could have no kind of normal social life because of her weight. Debbie has a few words of advice for those who find themselves starting, or struggling with, the low-carb lifestyle. When people start on a diet, especially those with a whole ton of weight to lose, they want results NOW. Debbie tries to remind people that weight loss is not linear and sometimes you need to change things around. Debbie reminds us that being realistic means that it may take a lot longer than you expected to lose the weight, and you may not lose as much as you’d hoped. One thing that spurs Debbie on is the hope that she’ll soon be able to go horseback riding on the beach. I’ve eaten A LOT of cookies in the last couple of weeks, working out the perfect mix of ingredients for a Low Carb Cookie Recipe. The good news is that the recipe base is very low carb, super easy, and takes only a few minutes prep time in the kitchen. The only real difference between the recipes was the lack of Peanut Butter in one, and the lack of DaVinci Syrup in the other.
Using half peanut butter, half cream cheese is the perfect combination for a Low Carb Cookie Recipe.
The main difference between this and my original Peanut Butter Low Carb Cookie Recipe is that I took out Vanilla Extract, and put in the Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup.
My original Low Carb Peanut Butter Cookies have NO artificial sweeteners at all in them – and they are very good. The great thing about this recipe is that you can leave out the syrup and chocolate chips if you prefer. I have some of the LC Foods Chocolate Fudge Sauce too, so now I am going to have to break it out and give it a try!
And yes, the Sugar Free Syrup is the *key* – it made a HUGE difference in all of my cookie recipes!
I don’t use those either but I have found that the Sweet Leaf Stevia (toffee flavored) works good for me.
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Debbie, retired from IBM, resides in Florida with her dog Flo, and three cats who graciously allow Debbie and Flo to bask in their presence. As has happened to many of us, good old puberty did its thing and she found herself gaining weight. Looking back on that time, Debbie feels she didn’t look bad at all, and in fact would love to be that weight again. The science of low-carb living appealed to her inner geek and she dove head first into the Bacon Pool of Happiness. She admits to doing it half-heartedly for the first three years, but still lost 60 lbs in that time. She’s gone anywhere from days to months without a drop on the scale, despite eating clean.
She recommends finding a practitioner that will listen to your concerns, despite test numbers. This can be a real-life friend or family member, but there are many online support groups too. These include Jimmy Moore, Tom Naughton, Paul Jaminet, Mark Sisson, Chris Masterjohn, Kurt Harris, Dr. Amy would love to talk to you and possibly feature you in a future article here at CarbSmart Magazine! Having written for a variety of internet publications, she currently serves as Webmaster and Features Editor at CarbSmart.
It made a MUCH better chocolate chip cookie than just cream cheese alone (though it does increase the carb count). The recipe base alone makes an excellent cookie, and is versatile enough for anyone to adjust with ingredients to suit them. I am grateful for your response, and if I make these soon, I will post my results with NuNaturals brand Stevia and vanilla extract. Just pureed cauliflower with a bunch of cream cheese, and bacon and cheese and sour cream and green onions in a bowl.
Her mother, horrified at the thought of Debbie getting fat, was constantly trying to convince her to diet.
In the mid-1980’s, after her weight had become a serious problem, Debbie decided to go on a strict low-fat diet.
Her hunger-misery was so bad, she finally decided she’d rather weight 300 pounds than spend one more day on a low-fat diet.
When she noticed he was looking trim, fit, and fantastic, she did what any of us would do: She asked him how he did it. In fall of 2008 she read the ever-fabulous Good Calories, Bad Calories and it blew her mind.

Debbie finally found a doctor that is treating her sub-clinical hypothyroidism and it’s made a big difference in her life as well. One of the things that artificial sweeteners will do is enable you to consume many more calories than you would be able to scarf down without them. Using the brands shared here, it’s 32 net carbs for the peanut butter cookies – and 38 net carbs for the chocolate chip cookies. I was wondering, might anyone else know of a LC-compatible syrup, in any flavor that would work in the place of the vanilla syrup here?(I am also open to using vanilla extract, alongside a sweetener) Thanks in advance folks!
She loved eating low carb, but ran into a wall that kept her fluctuating up down with the same 10 pounds. That book helped her to make the decision to really get serious – no sugars, no grains, and no PUFA-oils. I go there every day and it keeps me on track and focused, and has given me so much valuable advice.
I also usually just make a half batch to keep me from eating the entire thing in one sitting. In her free time she enjoys embarrassing her kids in public, spending time with her husband, and contemplating the true meaning of bacon. If you want to add a little of your favorite sugar-free sweetener, feel free to experiment. In the last three years she’s lost an additional 65 lbs, for a total of 125 lbs gone over a five year period.
It was encouragement from folks there that really got me finding someone to treat my thyroid properly.
While due to past experiences she was frustrated at even the thought of dieting, she realized it was time to do something.
He said eating big ham and cheese omelets for breakfast and steak for dinner every night had helped him drop 80 pounds.
Hearing about the wonderful food he was enjoying, that he’d lost weight without deprivation or hunger, enticed her to look into the plan. In 2001 she went back to the standard American diet and gained all the weight back, plus some. Debbie is still considered obese by the ridiculous BMI standards, but she’s an inspiring work in progress.
But in some ways they are also depressing because that’s not really the truth for most people.

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