Many of us battle the bulge year after year in search of a diet plan that is simple, straightforward, low-cost, and effective, in order to reduce our weight and the accompanying health risks.
Almost everyone has heard of the Atkins low-carb diet, but you may not have known that a number of other low carb diet plans exist too.
You should consider a number of factors before selecting a low carb diet to meet your weight loss goals. At less than $6 a meal, a dieter has flexibility that includes the number of meals shipped each week. Along with overwhelming convenience, Diet To Go counsels on why we eat when we're not hungry and provides tips on minimizing stress eating for long term success.
For their personalized planning, delicious meals, and low overall cost, Diet To Go earns our highest rating.
The South Beach online diet plan gets a high score from us because it allows for flexibility, is simple to follow, and makes good health sense.
Like other low-carb plans, South Beach is geared toward improving cholesterol and insulin levels. Another important characteristic of South Beach is the approach to keep off the extra pounds.
We were intrigued with the GI diet brought to the consumer by the excellent tools of Ediets. This diet is said to stabilize blood sugar, keep the dieter feeling full, increases energy, and reduces the cravings onset by sugar. We liked the convenience and simplicity of the website which provides recipes, shopping lists, and personalized weekly meal plans. For those not familiar, this well known diet is marketed as a low sugar, high fiber plan that teaches a savvy approach to ingesting carbs. However, skeptics say that Atkins doesn't create a better fat burning body but simply allows the dieter to take in fewer calories by eating dense foods that make them feel fuller longer. Studies of long term success are marginal and this diet may be too restrictive for success. Chefs Diet is a meal plan service that delivers food to your home and is catered to follow the Zone Diet. If you aren't familiar with the Zone Diet it is a rather complicated plan that requires 40% of your daily calories be carbohydrates, 30% proteins, and 30% fats. Overall, we like the concept of delicious food being conveniently delivered to our homes and that allows us to follow an effective yet complicated diet plan with ease.
Is eating processed carbs and processed meat worse for your health than smoking cigarettes?

Ludwig himself lost 20 pounds in 3 months without feeling hungry or counting calories with a low-carb diet. After all, Teresa's "baby bump"? might just be a "bread baby"? - prisons don't exactly cater to low-carb diets. And with today's consumer opting increasingly for low-carb diets and fresh food, doughnuts might be more of a once-in-a-while indulgence than a morning ritual.
While we typically think of stress as a psychological challenge, there are a number of physiological challenges that cause stress, such as insomnia, inflammation, autoimmune disease, too much exercise and dieting. Even before the low-carb diets became the newest cool thing, I said that I couldn't live without carbs. How Low-Carb Diets Became Trendy According to a 2008 article in the journal Epilepsia, the ketogenic diet, a high-fat, high-protein, low-carb diet, originated as a cure for epilepsy in 500 B.C. For the study, the researchers in Australia observed over 100 overweight adults; of which 50 were assigned to a low-fat diet and 50 others were given a low-carb diet.
Noting that the calorie-consumption for both groups was almost the same, the study’s author Grant D. Reports show that one of the biggest and most preventable causes of major medical problems is the result of unhealthy excess weight.
For the last 5-10 years, whether due to health restrictions or because the foods eaten on these plans help us feel full, many consumers have successfully utilized the low-carb diet approach. Surprisingly, even though they are all low-carb diets, they differ in their approach, rate of weight loss, and cost.
We are not compensated by companies for their reviews, but we are compensated for links and advertisements on our website. Menu items may include pancakes, grilled chicken with vegetable couscous and shrimp fettuccini, gourmet sandwiches, and chocolate mousse.
The South Beach online tool, created to assist in managing your weight loss, did a great job of providing everything needed to successfully start and follow the diet. The online version even allows members to communicate with each other and share experiences and ideas. But unlike other low-carb or no-carb diets, South Beach allows a well-balanced diet of fruit, whole grains, nuts, and vegetables.
Long term studies of the success of this diet are not yet available, but its focus on teaching weight management is a big positive. We're impressed overall with the thorough diet resources available online - including such things as assistance with determining a healthy weight based on BMI, sample menus, recipes, and nutritional articles on up-to-date research.
Theoretically, Atkins says our bodies burn carbohydrates first before other products; by reducing our carb intake we switch the body to burning stored fat instead of carbs.

The diet generally consists of meat, eggs, and some vegetables until the maintenance phase kicks in. The meal plan and snacks are pre-established and catered to no ones specific needs nor meal preferences. You are eating more carbs than some of the other diets on our list but otherwise the diet offers zero flexibility. However, we didn't like that we'd have to shell out top dollar for food we may or may not have an aversion to.
I would probably chew off my arm before giving up my fettucine alfredo, sourdough bread, crackers and pizza. This stress on education, combined with the plan effectiveness, sets South Beach above many other diets that allow you to walk away with nothing learned. Glycemic load is a method of measuring the impact of certain foods or combinations of food to the blood stream. We like the healthy, well rounded diet this plan offers but was concerned with the feasibility. The GI diet suggests that some foods are taboo and too high in carbs to be a part of the plan.
But, is the dieter going to feel restricted eating mainly fruits, vegetables and whole grains and therefore more likely to cheat?
However, we're concerned with the restrictive nature of the plan and it's potential long term success. Food has to be eaten at certain times per day, the list of foods is restrictive and measuring portion size is a big part of a dieter's day.
Some feel the induction phase, consisting mainly of lean meats and specific vegetables, is too restrictive to maintain.
For those meat lovers out there, and those wanting to focus on controlling hunger,you may find success but the overall nutrition of the diet is in question. In this economy you might find that tapping into your life savings for pre-made food might not be the smartest choice. With South Beach you're not counting carbs; instead, you learn which carbs are better choices.
Also, portion size is not an emphasis on this plan and for those that have a tendency to eat larger meals will struggle with having consumed too many calories at the end of each day.

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