In der Zwischenzeit 100 g Kokosflocken, Mandelmus, Birkenzucker und Mascarpone miteinander vermischen. Lettuce, chard, kale, and collard greens: while all are great makings for a salad, these leafy greens are the perfect alternative to bread when you're looking to lower your carb intake and up nutrients. If your morning bacon and eggs has gotten a little too routine, here is a way to mix it up. While the skillet is warming up, mix the eggs, cream, cocoa and 1 packet of stevia in a bowl.
Once the butter is fully melted and bubbling, pour the egg mixture into the pan and put on a lid for approximately three minutes.

Mix the cream cheese with the other packet of stevia (you can use the same bowl that you mixed your eggs in).
Allow to cool slightly before serving (no one wants molten cream cheese lava burning their tongues in the morning). The next time you’re feeling chocolate deprived, remember that you can create low carb chocolately food on your own without sacrificing your health. To get the cocoa smooth I warmed the cream for about 20 seconds then mixed the cocoa with it until mostly dissolved.
You always end up eating too much, too quickly and by dessert you're more stuffed than you had anticipated.

Additionally, using coconut oil instead of butter makes it taste especially yummy and only adds twenty calories.
Bei Kartonagen, Klebeband und Fullmaterial setzen wir auf umweltfreundliche Verpackungsmaterialien.
The next time you're planning a menu for family or friends, look to one of these light, low-carb starters for something new.

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