If you have a recipe that is low carb you’d like to share with us feel free to drop it into our weekly parties.
Scooby on TwitterMy engine and prop are on a truck 1200 miles away heading toward me RIGHT NOW!!! What ever reasons your looking for low carb meals and healthy recipes I hope this round up helps you too. A Not because there is anything wrong with the low-carb nutritional philosophy but rather because of the horrible way that most people tend to implement it.
I am an Artist & Crafter and mom who loves creativity, photography, nature and a good soy latte.
A  A If you look at all the websites with foods recommended for low-carb and keto you will see the most appalling foods – bacon, salami, lard … and people think THAT is healthy?

A I actually starting using it yesterday and have already gotten my contest prep back on track (see chart below). A Here are the stats for the meal 500 calories, 39g protein, 14g fiber, and 17g of net carbs.
A People seem to confuse a healthy nutritional plan from a nutritional plan that lets you lose weight. A Many meal planners out there give you a rope long enough to make a nutritional noose, not mine. A It makes it very easy every night to make a few tweeks and make your meal plan for the next day. These are healthy recipes, lighter in carbs yet will be tasty to make for you and your family.

A The only foods you get to choose are healthy ones that will create a nutritional meal plan for the day.
A There is no reason at all that a low carb meal cant be both healthy and help you lose weight at the same time.

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