This meal offers low carbohydrate, high protein and high nutrient density and will have you fed much quicker than eating out and at a fraction of the price.
Salsa (In the video South West is used) containing black beans, corn, and other yummy ingredients. Pour 2-3 eggs worth of whites  into a microwave safe bowl with a lid and add a pinch of salt.  Some fresh ground black pepper will add the flavour, but also has the benefit of increasing insulin sensitivity according to research. Latest from Relationships Is the person you're dating 'marriage material'?There’s no greater joy than being in love.
Latest from Fashion & Beauty How to cleanse and hydrate oil-prone hairGreasy hair is the worst, right?

Latest from Home & Garden Chocky Woccy happy tips for Friday 13th!Here are some happy chocolate tips. It’s been five years since the debate around the banting diet, or as South Africans like to call it the 'Tim Noakes diet' took the country by storm.
Regardless of certain critics’ disapproval of this lifestyle, support for banting has been growing continuously ever since.
Always reflecting the latest food trends in the local market, Sandwich Baron has now unveiled its new banting-friendly meals, prepared especially for the increasing number of customers who are following this low-carb, gluten-free, high-fat lifestyle.
South Africa’s well-loved sandwich store is now offering its customers a range of healthy meals that will help them stick to their diet plan.

With this in mind, we are already planning other exciting meals to add to our Banting range and look forward to sharing them with our consumers,” concludes J’Arlette-Joy.

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