At the time, conventional wisdom suggested the way to lose weight was through a low-fat, calorie reduced diet. Atkins went against convention, reporting that in his practice he’d seen patients experience tremendous success eating luxurious foods, such as cheese, butter, bacon, lobster, steak and heavy cream. However, dieters embraced the idea of eating foods usually forbidden or restricted on traditional weight loss diets.
Many experienced success, and starting a low carb diet became a popular way of losing weight. Due to the tremendous success, other low carb diets soon followed: SugarBusters, Diabetic, South Beach, The Zone, Primal, Paleo, Low Sugar, etc. Different diets make different recommendations, but the guidelines are similar when it comes to eating carbs: less is better.
A number of scientists, nutritionists and other experts involved with low carb dieting got together in 2008, and for the first time, defined what makes up a low carb diet.
This is usually the level where carb reduction introduces statistically significant advantages of being in ketosis, and a greater rate of fat loss when compared to other diet plans.
In fact, it seems that the lower the carbohydrate level in the diet the better the long-term health. People who normally eat high carb meals have fueled their bodies with glucose and fructose obtained from carbs. The body experiences a new condition of ketosis when a person converts to the low carb diet. There are specific diet and exercise techniques, such as intermittent fasting sessions and high intensity interval training workouts to help you get into ketosis faster, and maximize weight loss.
In his book, Good Calories, Bad Calories, author Gary Taubes explains how low carb diets bring about weight loss.
One of insulin’s functions is moving fuel (food) to fat cells to keep energy stores in case of famine.

When insulin is present, it also keeps the fat locked inside of fat cells, and your body will not burn the fat as a source of fuel. When you eat a low carb diet, you reduce spikes in blood sugar, and your pancreas releases very little insulin. Once your body has depleted its carbohydrate stores, then it begins to rely on stored fat as its primary source of fuel, leading to rapid loss of excess stored fat. When you start a low carb diet, the more commonly used glucose fuel is suddenly no longer available.
The body reacts by dropping the pancreas’ production of insulin and increasing the hormone glucagon.
This hormone  stored fat reserves (in the form of triglycerides) for cells to use as their new energy source.
However, the cells are slow to react to this new fuel source, and the person feels weak or lacking energy.
Some people feel this weakness, but others pick right up and take off with the feeling of greater energy than before! A temporary, strange taste in the mouth and mild breath odor signals these ketones are present. The brain uses ketones very efficiently, contrary to the myth that the brain is powered by glucose only. Some areas of the brain will still need glucose, which the body now easily makes from excess protein, amino acids or fats.
Carbohydrates are not required to support a normal blood glucose level and not required in the low carb diet as brain fuel. The body can make all the glucose required from protein and fats in the diet, and it makes glucose at a healthy level in this way. There are plenty of surprising, healthy reasons to start a low carb diet other than losing weight.

Interactive digital and audio keto meal plans slide you into fat-burning mode, without needing to go strict low carb!
Atkins, ketogenic and low carb diets dramatically increase fat-burning potential through a special metabolic state called ketosis. Ketosis starts when carb levels are very low, usually when we eat 20 net carbs or less per day and an average (or less) amount of protein.
Even though most of your daily calories are coming from high fat foods, your body burns the fat instead of storing it. Keto test strips are an inexpensive way to know you’ve reached ketosis, but if the strip doesn’t register the presence of ketones, you can still be ketosis.
Restrict net carbs to less than 5% of total daily calories to rapidly burn your stored fat.
As long as you don’t eat very high amounts of calories, your body uses what it needs and depletes the rest (as ketones in the urine). On typical low fat, high carb, calorie-restricted diets, some of the weight loss is from muscle tissue. He was a severely overweight British undertaker who attempted the first low carb diet under the supervision of Dr.
According to Taubes, when you eat carbs, the sugars in them cause your blood sugar to rise. Keto strips will help pinpoint the best range of net carbs to stay in fat-burning keto mode.

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