One of the main reasons why some experts avoid recommending low carb diet is because it increases the risk of heart problems. Since this diet has several advantages and disadvantages, it is best that you consult a nutritionist before you opt for this diet plan. We urge you to always seek the advice of your physician or medical professional with respect to your medical condition or questions.
Sixty participants (82%) in the low-fat group and 59 (79%) in the low-carbohydrate group completed the intervention. It's a little known nightmare that will effect more than half of men and 43% of women over the age of 80. Our mission is simple: to bring you the latest information in health breakthroughs that will help you live a happy, fulfilling, and active life. It's easier thank you think to eat large portions and still be healthy, slim, and satisfied. The information about chiropractor, physical therapy, occupational therapy, back pain, physiotherapy, physical therapist, osteopath, physio. If once you start to learn about carbohydrate ratio in various foods, you can do some changes to reduce the carbohydrate in your foods. If you love to drink fruit juices try to prepare it in your own because most of the fruit juices that are available in shops are sweetened with sugar. A National Institutes of Health funded study states that low-carbohydrate weight loss diets are better as compared to low-fat diets for improving HDL cholesterol levels. Same amount of weight was reduced by dieters who followed low-carb or low-fat plans for two years. Those who were on the low-fat diet did show their LDL levels decreasing but this did not stay on. This has been stated for the first time that the low-carb diet has an edge over the low-fat diet when it comes to reducing risk factors for heart disease. Low-fat diets are endorsed by the American Heart Association and emphasize grains, whole wheat pasta and bread, fruits and vegetables, it can help contribute to a feeling of fullness and lower cholesterol. More importantly, if you are no longer on a diet, you are very likely to gain back the lost weight.

However, before you change your diet plan it is important that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of low carb diet.
This type of diet not only helps you lose weight but also helps in controlling cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar.
For example, if you choose Atkins diet, the amount of carbohydrates that you take will be severely restricted. They are of the view that weight loss after a few weeks on the diet is because of low calorie intake and not because of reduction of carbohydrate intake. Experts who advocate low carb diet plan believe that contemporary diet is extremely unnatural and it is important that people eat less carbohydrates and less meat. Since most low carb diet plans reduce your carbohydrate intake and increase your intake of animal protein, the bad cholesterol or LDL in the blood increases.
The information is not intended nor suited to be a replacement or substitute for professional medical treatment or for professional medical advice relative to a specific medical question or condition.
At 12 months, participants on the low-carbohydrate diet had greater decreases in weight, fat mass, ratio of total–high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol, and triglyceride level and greater increases in HDL cholesterol level than those on the low-fat diet. Sign up for our free report "How to Start a Paleo Diet" and get started on the road to a healthier you today. Its competitor, the low-carb diet, which emphasizes meat, fish, chicken, eggs, and just a few vegetable, dieters can eat rich foods that are discouraged on the low-fat. In general, low-carb diets may result in a little more weight loss in the first 3 to 6 months. Today, there are several types of low carb diet like Atkins, South Beach or Zone diet that you can choose from.
However, if you opt for South Beach or Zone diet, the carbohydrate intake is less restrictive when compared to Atkins Diet. These experts of are of the opinion that low carb diet does not help in the long run even if you continue with this diet plan. These experts are of the view that modern diet is the main cause of problems like obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. Also, increasing your intake of products like red meat can increase the iron and homocysteine levels in the body.

There is no replacement for personal medical treatment and advice from your personal physician. If the amount of carbohydrate in our meal is about 50-70% then this measure is called as High Carb.
If it is between 50-60% then this diet is a low carb diet. As a rule of thumb if the carbohydrate ratio is lower, then the fat and protein ratio will be higher. For many years there have been concerns that the low-carbohydrate approach to weight loss was bad for the heart.
The low-fat dieters had lost an average of 20 pounds, the low-carb dieters had lost an average 31 pounds. Both have been shown effective in promoting weight loss, but the main difference between the two diets in cholesterol levels, low-carb dieters had a 20% increase in HDL which is good cholesterol after six months. When the consumption of carbohydrates is reduced, the body starts using the fat stored in the body for supply of energy. Another benefit of opting for low carb diet is that certain foods like streak and bacon that are forbidden in other diet plans are allowed in this diet plan.
However, after 1 to 2 years there isn't much difference and both groups lost about 7% of their body weight. You can consult a nutritionist if you are unable to decide which diet plan is best for you. It meanning that the low fat approach is dangerous to health, low carb alternatives are the best strategy. In an ideal world, your food intake at every meal would comprise 35% carbohydrates, 35% protein and 30% fat.
If you're trying to lose weight, start by eliminating unhealthy fats (such as saturated and trans fats) and bad carbohydrates (including sugar, white flour and anything processed).

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