Very important to drink your full 2litres and don't for heavens sake, miss out a meal replacement during the day, as for some reason, this really slows down the weight loss. As expected, I lost 5 lbs in the first week and will expect to average out at between 2-3 lbs per week from now on. Its also important to take heed of the maintenance part of your diet as you need to return to non diet food slowly to avoid sudden weight gain.

As usual, my order was dispatched quickly and as I had a couple of questions for the team, I contacted them through the website and had a quick and very helpful answer. I could write a full review of the products themselves but it would take too long - as a general rule, it is all good with the only exceptions being my personal taste (not keen on the tomato and basil soup). The addition of the noodle dishes is very welcome and I'd be interested to know if they may at some point produce a mousse making powder to add to the shakes, the way one of their competitors does?

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