September 12, 2013 By Gluten Free Foodies 3 Comments I love this homemade low carb pancake syrup.
Add more glucomannan if you want a thicker syrup (remember this syrup will thicken further as it cools).
An easy mix to make, the batter tastes just like pancake batter (which I am a big fan of), so this gave me hope that my quest for low carb pancakes might finally be over. Pancakes are such a great low carb food too, we love them for a great low carb breakfast that feels like a treat. Low carb AND gluten free pancakes with perfect texture and flavor at just 2 net carbs per serving! Proprietary blend of tapioca, almond and coconut flours, flax meal, Inulin chicory root fiber, polydextrose fiber, baking powder, salt, konjac, natural stevia rebaudiana leaf natural herbal extracts, natural luo han guo monk fruit. I don’t love it as much as I do pure maple syrup but then again this syrup has no carbs. Do not bring to a boil.Add the stevia, maple favoring, butter flavoring, and vanilla extract. It thickens nicely in the blender and with the heat.Store in a Mason jar or an airtight container.
Most of them unfortunately were distant cousins of pancakes you wouldn’t recognise as a pancake if they had a sign on them. Upon tasting these tasty, light, fluffy, lovely, cakey pancakes, I was ecstatic with pancake joy! We love them with low carb jam as a snack, and we love them for dessert, where we get to feel oh so naughty having pancakes with maple syrup and ice cream.
They feel like pancakes, cook like pancakes, taste like pancakes and have as many wonderful uses. Topped with cream, low carb maple syrup or some of our low carb preserves - you'll be looking forward to breakfast again!
As with all LC Foods low carb products, there's no sugar added (of course!) and no preservatives! Our food safe procedure to insure limited cross contamination is to thoroughly wash and clean all filling and bagging equipment between packaging and processing wheat products and gluten free products.
You’d barely know you were having low carb pancakes, low carb ice cream, and low carb maple syrup.

Our low carb gluten free pancake mix is super easy to make - it takes less than 5 minutes to add eggs, vanilla, butter and cream to the mix, and voila - the most delicious pancakes you've had since you started the low carb gluten free lifestyle! We have served to many family members with no one knowing that they are not the normal high carb version found in most stores. These low carb pumpkin chocolate pancakes will satisfy your need for something sweet and indulgent without causing you to go into a food coma or have to come down from a sugar high. By replacing the oil with pumpkin, these pancakes are not only low carb but they are also low fat, allowing you to savor every last bite without an ounce of guilt or remorse.I grew up eating pancakes on Saturday mornings with my mom. I started using whole wheat or buckwheat flour, buttermilk, maple syrup, fruit, the list goes on.
And this would be after eating so many pancakes that I would give myself a stomach ache (what can I say, I have no self control, so good!. There had to be a better way to make pancakes!Dave and I have been enjoying pancakes almost every Saturday and Sunday morning since we started dating. When I told Dave I could make him healthy pancakes that he would actually get full from (instead of needing food again in 2 hours), he didn’t believe me. He was hooked, and almost 2 years later, we still start our weekends with pancakes followed by an intense sweat session at the gym. A leftover from all the cookies, pumpkin brownies and single serve pumpkin pies I’ve been enjoying the past few weeks. When baking with pumpkin puree, I find that I always have a half cup or so that goes unused and just sits in the fridge waiting to be used. These pancakes are the perfect way to use that extra pumpkin puree you have left over from a day of baking.
There is no reason to leave that pumpkin just sitting in the fridge, re-purpose your leftovers!
There are so many great tips on how to re-purpose those holiday leftovers in this post from Healthy Living Made Simple, a publication from Sam’s Club. Instead of using mashed banana or unsweetened applesauce, I was able to use pumpkin puree and coconut milk to keep pancakes in Dave’s normal routine and not let leftovers go to waste. I used chocolate protein powder and unsweetened cocoa powder to help boost the antioxidants in this already healthy breakfast.
By adding pumpkin, I’m not only cutting the fat and the carbs, but I’m also adding a ton of nutrition, not to mention using that left-over pumpkin puree!Did you know that pumpkins were first thought to be cultivated in Central America?

Or that they are a great way to get essential nutrient and phytosterols (that help lower cholesterol). The Healthy Living Made Simple Magazine has so many helpful tips that can help you build healthy habits. Be sure to check them out at Healthy Living Made Simple.The key to making pancakes that are filling yet low carb? The coconut flour absorbs 2-3 times more liquid than traditional flour, and it’s minimally processed so it’s something I feel good about eating!
The batter should be thick enough that you have to scoop it out with a spoon to form the pancakes on the griddle instead of pouring it out to form the pancakes.I topped my pancakes with plain Greek yogurt and pomegranate arlis and a touch of maple syrup. We are still full for hours from these low carb pumpkin chocolate pancakes, even without the added carbs! Pumpkin protein pancakes were pretty much my dinner once a week from October through November. I love how healthful they are and am so digging the fact that I have all the ingredients on hand already. I’m used to making the plain ol’ regular pancakes, but these take it up about 7 notches haha!
I gotta try!Reply Kathryn Doherty saysDecember 11, 2015 at 9:10 am I love pumpkin and chocolate together and these pancakes sound delicious! I’ve always got a stock pile of pumpkin in the pantry – we use it year-round, and I love that they are a superfood! I have coconut flour but I rarely bake with it, I would love to incorporate it into more baked goods. These look delicious!Reply Cassie saysDecember 19, 2015 at 10:43 am Will definitely try out this recipe once I get some chocolate protein powder!

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